Saturday, May 24, 2014

By Bob

By Bob
1947 was the engagement Israel was sanctioned to become a nation once again.

This sparked UFO restoration as the fallen angels(demons) know their time is brusque and their restoration as demons deceit as aliens is part of the large delusions that spur ensue mankind

The meaning of Israel is that many of the events of the book of Revelations and prophesies of Daniel central point in a circle Israel as having come back as an actual nation when centuries of density.

Ephesians 6:12

For our climb is not not keen flesh and blood, but not keen the rulers, not keen the formation, not keen the powers of this dark world and not keen the spiritual armed forces of evil in the pleasant realms.

Subsequent to Israel is attacked by armed forces from Syria, Fail, elements of the ancient times USSR and other nations in the area she spur be saved by the hand of God. Direct hence the list for the consequence of the Anti-Christ spur be moving without delay.

Entertain ask Jesus Christ to atone for you and be your safekeeping.