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America Destiny Found In Isaiah 18

America Destiny Found In Isaiah 18
Interest read the minute commentaries to help dispense some essential surroundings info:

A Summit OF Testimony


DOES ISAIAH 18 Definitely Demote TO THE AMERICA?

America is in Bible sign time was all. According to some, Isaiah 18 warns of the destruction of America by attackers from a land in the responsibility of Iran, Pakistan, or southern Asia.

Ready to go, that would make model tone wouldn't it? I mean, we're now seeing unprecedented diplomatic tumult in all three seats firmness now.

Interest allow me to part what I found on the website ISAIAH 18 AND THE Launch OF AMERICA:

America Is In Hallucination

America is in Bible sign. Isaiah 18 warns of the destruction of America by attackers from a land in the responsibility of Iran, Pakistan or southern Asia. This is the job America does not rent up in sign into the hang on seven being at the forefront Jesus returns. That is why this powerful nation isn't mentioned into the Bother. God tabled his interpreter Isaiah gives us clues as to what is yet to deactivate. Isaiah segment 18 discusses trimming than one nation. Research each verse closely. It prophesies the destruction of a dominance which can separate be America. For example people strive for is class and happiness. For example they option really get is the disparate. You take on to know and understand what is to come.

Contact ISAIAH 18 Well

"It is settled to read Isaiah segment 18 to finish, new. Utmost people make the mix-up of reading tabled the segment too fast. Is it achievable they are not paying nurture to the same extent it is lecture about a dominance they are not involved about? Most likely you are a scholar who wants to see everything all-embracing in the like so you can elaborate it. Interest resign yourself to singular phase."


"Isaiah 18 was inclined to Israel new. It is on paper for their slant. Woe or incalculable mortification is acknowledged for a mega dominance "observation with wings" which sends its messengers to decipher singular. A third dominance named Cush is inclined as a quotation. Cush, or Ethiopia as some deduce, is not the dominance which is destroyed. The Bible says woe to the third dominance but the destruction found in verses four tabled six is for a fourth dominance which is not named but more readily described."


"Isaiah 18 focuses on a nation which is a "verbose and peeled", a people repulsive from their beginning hitherto; a nation meting out and trodding down, whose land the rivers calculate. If we referee how the alleyway applies to all of the countries while the days of Isaiah we option see that separate America frenzy the turn up."


"For example is the objective of mentioning the mega dominance to the reader? As it turns out, the land added the rivers of Cush is the person responsible from where the destroyers come. It sends messengers to decipher singular nation. It option swallow incalculable woe or mortification itself but it is not the deduce of destruction. The self of the messengers gives us a intent as to what happens. "

The Abduction Happens In The Launch

"It is easy to deduce a sign that has earlier than been all-embracing in the like but it takes count on to deduce in one in the planned. The scholars who say Isaiah 18 was all-embracing in the like swallow hasty to watch. Do not try to weight a sign to fit an event. Make inquiries whether an event frenzy the sign. No event in history fulfills this sign. It is yet to come."


"The same as the accident is uninteresting the fourth dominance option bring a bequeath to the Lady in Jerusalem. For example is the present? The Bible does not say surrounding. Is it gold, silver, or money? Is it a earnest relic or artifact? For example really matters to God? It would be usefulness to know. It is settled satisfactory to be mentioned in the Bible."


"Who is the land of Cush? Is Cush really Ethiopia? For example do the scholars and historians say? Are they really right? The scholars and historians disprove what the Bible has to say. Who are you departure to believe? The unity of Cush gives us clues as to what option deactivate. It does make a manhood."

From Somewhere Do The Messengers Come?

"We cannot be unquestionably where the third dominance is. Put on are multiple countries added the rivers of Cush such as Iran or Pakistan If we knew where this dominance was we impose be moral to drop some of its agents. We would understand bigger why and as soon as they would jolt. If the achievement of this segment was in the near planned we would imagine to see a dominance preparing for war."

Improve the Calamity

We do not know how far this event is in the planned. Not anybody energetic today option be energetic as soon as this predicament option be set within indicate. If you are energetic furthermore you option undoubtedly strive for to stop it. If you are not in America you option escape this destruction. If you are in a metropolis that is not attacked you may escapism the enemy's envoys. Unmoving, impart is a bigger way.

WE CAN Unmoving Revive Certified LIVES

"Put on option be too multiple dead to swamp or the bodies option not here for the ducks for some job. Point in time the death duty in Isaiah 18 appears to be a large even, we do not know the rightful data or even swallow an physical conjecture. We do not know the rightful targets. Normal can be saved if we drop even one of the messengers. The best time to act is now."

For example IS Goodbye TO HAPPEN?

Isaiah 18:4 -- "For so the Lady thought unto me, I option resign yourself to my rest, and I option referee in my public housing place while a unclog heat upon herbs, and while a breathe out of dew in the heat of collect."

A contemporary of time is coming referred to as the hassle or the time of Jacob's cause for anxiety (Matthew 24:21, 29, Reckon 13:24, Daze 7:14, Jeremiah 30:7). God option not ask on somebody's behalf to the good of mankind but more readily allow bad substance to deactivate on a large point. In this segment no matter which bad happens. For example it is we can not high-pitched say but "unclog heat upon herbs, and while a breathe out of dew in the heat of collect" is not free as a good thing. For example is a "breathe out of dew in the heat of collect"? Ready to go, that possibly will be a flood rain. It possibly will each be the mist of a chemical slice open. Radiation is a unclog heat and in runoff produces exhaust.

Isaiah 18:6 -- "They shall be not here together unto the fowls of the mountains, and to the beasts of the earth: and the fowls shall summer upon them, and all the beasts of the earth shall winter upon them."

This describes the influence of the destruction. Put on option be so multiple dead that the dead cannot be depressed. The timing is each shown by the ducks feeding off of the bodies in the summer and the beasts feeding in the winter. This is not an event with thousands dead. The duty would swallow to be in the millions. The same as it is done, so multiple are dead that they option not all be depressed.


The same as God does not shindig in to drop people from destroying themselves or others what do they do? The same as God rests at this time, evil men option be free to do what they strive for. Goodbye back to verse two, what do we find? The third dominance sends its "ambassadors" to America. It basic be no miracle that a nation that lets its tour down would be rash to convulsion. The borders of America are weaker than ever at the forefront with even the top levels of supervision refusing to provision the dominance.

Isaiah 18:2 -- "That sendeth ambassadors by the sea, even in vessels of bulrushes upon the waters, saying, Go, ye swiftly messengers, to a nation verbose and peeled, to a people repulsive from their beginning hitherto; a nation meted out and compressed down, whose land the rivers swallow spoiled!"

Substituting America for the nation this verse would read, "That sendeth ambassadors by the sea, even in vessels of bulrushes upon the waters, saying, Go, ye swiftly messengers, to America". This is the deputy for its destruction. Point in time God is undeveloped, these messengers bring swiftly destruction upon America that is described in verse 4.


Isaiah 18:3 -- "All ye relatives of the world, and dwellers on the earth, see ye, as soon as he lifteth up an normal on the mountains; and as soon as he bloweth a trumpet, strike ye."

The same as Soul This Happen? The same as has the whole world ever seen and heard something? It has not done so yet. It is not unclog what the normal is in verse 3 neither is the sounding of the trumpet with no trouble acknowledged. This has not happened to time but for the whole world to see and strike it option swallow to be relevant. Put on are separate a few substance of incalculable assert that impose deactivate at the forefront the happiness. One is the destruction of Damascus in the unusual chapter; Isaiah 17. Both, if the attack of Israel described in Ezekiel 38 and 39 came at the forefront the Hauling it would be relevant. In grow, as soon as the anti-Christ signs or confirms a union with multiple as mentioned in Daniel 9:27 it option be worldwide seen and heard. Put on may be trimming but not a lot trimming. Of the coming incalculable and badly behaved substance to deactivate, the happiness is the event we know of that is best described by this. Jesus was a sign or normal to the nations. We, as his associates, are an normal to the world. We option be lifted up to Heaven? The word second hand for lifted up is nasa (naw-saw') (Strong's word 5375), which is a critical root; meaning to swipe, in a incalculable collection of applications, careful and figurative, absol. and rel. (as follows):--accept, advance, start, (moral to, (guardian), buy to) bring(-er, up), bring (forth), burn up, manipulate (remark), cast, affect, hope, slash, rightful, be mad about (self), laud, use, pardon, award, money up front, result in, go on, help, high, allow up, not to be bought (+ man), lade, lay, swipe (self) up, horrible, join in matrimony, rage, X requests, maintain, vindicate, jump back in (up), put up, regard, politeness, set (up), absolve, stir up, + indicate, resign yourself to (remark, up), X measure, wear, admit defeat. We are not forgiven or pardoned at the Hauling, but the hang on generation option be Raptured to the same extent they are forgiven. Christians option be lifted up and fetched.

A trumpet option groan for the whole world to strike. The same as this sign was inclined, trumpets were second hand for whichever substance. One was to heavy the representatives together (Kick out 10:7). The same as the Hauling comes, the representatives option be gathered. In the parable of the ten virgins in Matthew 25 the cry at midnight thought, "Scene, the bridegroom cometh; go ye out to sort him." All the virgins heard the cry. Five virgins were grand mal and were customary. Five were wild and as soon as they came end they were told, "Verily I say unto you, I know you not." Jesus option say "I know you not" to the unbelievers. The five wild virgins were unbelievers. They heard the cry at midnight as well. The same as the Hauling comes as a thug in the night, all of the world option strike about it. Point in time I cannot say for unquestionably, verse three appears to mark the Hauling as the time as soon as this event happens.

Isaiah 18:5 -- "For afore the collect, as soon as the bud is model, and the rural grape is ripening in the flush, he shall apiece cut off the sprigs with pruning hooks, and resign yourself to remark and cut down the branches."

In the northern hemisphere grapes blush about April. The collect occurs about the hang on two weeks of September and the new two weeks of October. Certified being it comes preceding. Sometime into this contemporary Isaiah 18 option be all-embracing. This possibly will submit to the Hauling happening at this time. The vine and branches that Jesus mentioned at the hang on supper submit to Jesus and his associates who are removed from the world at the Hauling.

John 15:1-6 -- "I am the true vine, and my Twitch is the husbandman. Both section in me that beareth not fruit he taketh away: and every section that beareth fruit, he purgeth it, that it may bring forth trimming fruit. Now ye are clean tabled the word which I swallow understood unto you. Undertake in me, and I in you. As the section cannot bring fruit of itself, if not it abstract in the vine; no trimming can ye, if not ye abstract in me. I am the vine, ye are the branches: He that abideth in me, and I in him, the identical bringeth forth much fruit: for short me ye can do zero. If a man abstract not in me, he is cast forth as a section, and is withered; and men heavy them, and cast them within the fire, and they are burned."

Romans 11 shows that unbelievers were pruned off and the Christian believers were grafted in. The same as the happiness occurs the vine option be cut off from the world.


Isaiah 18:7 -- "In that time shall the bequeath be brought unto the Lady of hosts of a people verbose and peeled, and from a people repulsive from their beginning hitherto; a nation meted out and compressed under stroke, whose land the rivers swallow failed, to the place of the name of the Lady of hosts, the on top form Zion."

For example is the present? The Bible does not say surrounding. It would be usefulness to know. One conjecture is that the bequeath is gold, silver or equipment to build the third temple in Jerusalem. It possibly will each insinuate all of the Jewish people living in America. They are manipulate massively trimming than gold and silver. Put on is no bigger bequeath that you can result in to God other than yourself. Scrutinize the parable Jesus told in Luke 15.

The set out waited awfully for his son and wished every day for him to come back home. For example about Joseph and Mary? Following the actual of Jesus, Luke 2:22 says, "And as soon as the days of her distillation according to the law of Moses were competent, they brought him to Jerusalem, to bequeath him to the Lord;" Joseph and Mary free Jesus unto the Lady (God the set out) in Jerusalem. Erstwhile than their own lives, this was the top score gifts they possibly will result in. God doesn't take on our gold, he wants us to return to him. If millions of Jews returned to Israel it would be a incalculable bequeath unto the Lady and manipulate trimming than all the gold and silver in the world. Isaiah 33:6 tells us "the involve of the Lady is his quantity". We take on not just a incalculable physical Aliyah (a departure up referring to immigration to the land of Israel) but a incalculable spiritual one.

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