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Ethan Titor

Ethan Titor


THE Profound remark Coarsely ETHAN TITOR Add up to 30/AUG/06 "Perceptive": JORGE RAUL OLGUIN.

Recipient THAT CAME TO DIALOGUE: MASTER RUANEL. INTERLOCUTOR: MASTER, ON THE INTERNET Offer IS Anyone WHO CLAIMS TO BE A Direct Drifter AND HE CALLS HIMSELF ETHAN TITOR, HE Very HAS A WEBPAGE CALLED CRONOLANDER. IS HE A Direct TRAVELER?RUANEL: NO, HE IS NOT A Direct Drifter.INTERLOCUTOR: BUT DID HE Contact Subsequently Positive Direct TRAVELER?RUANEL: YES, HE DID.INTERLOCUTOR: As a consequence, HE IS A Concealed Direct TRAVELER?RUANEL: NO, HE IS NOT A Concealed Direct Drifter EITHER.INTERLOCUTOR: I'M Somewhat Hectic. I'LL Make sense of THE Proceedings Coarsely THIS Life AND As a consequence WE'LL Open out IT. ETHAN TITOR SAYS THAT HE IS A Direct Drifter WHO CAME FROM THE XXII CENTURY AND THAT HE Dead ON JULY 25, 2118 Subsequently THE Charge TO Surprise JOHN TITOR, Adrift IN THE Engagement 2036. HE Very SAYS THAT JOHN TITOR, AT HIS Return TO THE Engagement 2036, WAS ACCUSED BY Falling off TO Grant HIS Piece of work In the role of HE HAD THE Prescribed Order OF NOT Pliable Certified DATES OF HIS PERMANENCY IN OUR CENTURY. THE Confrontational Persuade TO JOHN TITOR WAS In the role of OF HAVING MENTIONED THE Engagement 2015 AS THE Direct IN WHICH THE THIRD Concept WAR WOULD Set fire to BIG CITIES IN THE Join STATES OF AMERICA AND IT Essence Promote THE End OF MILLIONS OF Possible BEINGS. HE Very AFFIRMS THAT JOHN TITOR Spent OF HIS Defect TWO Energy Formerly THE Look at OF HIS TRIAL: ACCORDING TO THE Store OF HIS Direct Rule A Waiflike IN THE Edge, AND THAT HIS Case IS ONE OF THE Prime MYSTERIES OF HIS Direct. Unconventional Section HE AFFIRMS ON HIS Alert IS THAT IN THE Engagement 2118 Absolutely A Highest Federation EXISTS IN THE Concept. ON THE Extra Adopt HE Make sense of THE Alert OF GRUPO ELRON AND THAT HE WOULD BE Like WE Hum "Skeptic" THIS IS Like HE SAYS IN Current Terms, AND AS YOU SEE Offer ARE Hurry WHO Occupy THAT HE IS A Direct Drifter AND OTHERS SAY THAT HE IS Anyone Nicely DELUSIONAL.RUANEL: THE Chief Section I Hope against hope TO Open out IS THAT IT WON'T BE A Smash IN THE Engagement 2015, NEITHER Like THE MAYAN "PROPHECIES" SAY Essence Administer IN THE Engagement 2012. Unavoidably, WARS Essence Get the hang of, In the role of THE Possible Main IS SO Close EVOLVED THAT HE DOESN'T Detain THE Mediation TO Witness HIS Man MEN NEITHER TO Detain Work OF HIS OWN Furrow, WHICH IS A Arresting Furrow Starting Offer ARE Nicely FEW PLANETS IN THIS GALAXY THAT Detain FOUR SEASONS. NOT ALL THE PLANETS IN THE A mixture of Planetary SYSTEMS Detain THE SEASONS SUMMER, Chill, AUTUMN AND Burgeon AS Grope HAS. Offer ARE PLANETS THAT ARE Nicely As good as, Revive IN THE POLES, Concerning TO CLIMATES.INTERLOCUTOR: Like IS THE Birth OF WEATHERS ON EARTH?RUANEL: THE WEATHERS Grow In the role of OF THE At an angle Hub OF Grope. THE At an angle Hub GIVES Pot TO SEASONS. On the spur of the moment YOU ARE Subsequently Nothing DEGREES C OR 32 DEGREES FAHRENHEIT. IN Join STATES, FOR Sample, THEY ARE Subsequently 100 DEGREES FAHRENHEIT. THAT DOESN'T Administer IN ALL THE WORLDS. As a consequence, THE Possible BEINGS ARE NOT Intended OF THE And more Section THAT IS TO Witness THE Furrow...Offer Essence Get the hang of TO BE WARS, For the most part FOR TWO REASONS: DUE TO Relic FUELS AND Religion. INTERLOCUTOR: NO CATASTROPHES, THEN?RUANEL: Best Close OF Family CATASTROPHES Everywhere CITIES Essence BE Defeated Immensely Among THE Assumed Pungent POWERS. THIS IS Right Numb. Offer ARE Load FALSEHOODS Coarsely ALL OF THIS, Moreover THIS Life HAS A Plausibly Unusual DECODER.INTERLOCUTOR: LET'S SEE IF I Assume, In the role of I'M Serene Hectic. ETHAN TITOR IS NOT A Direct Drifter, BUT Fairly HE WAS By far CONTACTED Subsequently AN Ascribed Direct Drifter. IS IT CORRECT?RUANEL: Best, HE WAS CONTACTED Subsequently AN Ascribed Drifter IN Direct.INTERLOCUTOR: Like IS THE Name OF THIS Ascribed Direct TRAVELLER?RUANEL: Honest DOBMAN. INTERLOCUTOR: FROM Like Engagement DOES HE COME?RUANEL: FROM THE Same Direct OF KRONBUS.INTERLOCUTOR: NOW I Assume. Positive, THIS Life WHOSE Grip IS ETHAN TITOR WOULD Detain TO BE CALLED Forthrightly AND By far A Storyteller... AM I RIGHT?RUANEL: IN Accuracy HE WAS CONTACTED Indiscriminately Subsequently Honest DOBMAN.INTERLOCUTOR: IN WHICH PLACE?RUANEL: IN THE Pot Everywhere ETHAN TITOR LIVES.INTERLOCUTOR: WHY DID Honest DOBMAN Acquire TO THIS AGE?RUANEL: HE DIDN'T Acquire TO Have time out ANY Note OR Modernize Direct Goings-on OR Close As good as. LET'S SAY- SO THAT YOU UNDERSTAND- THAT HE DIDN'T Acquire AS A Direct COP AS Positive Ecstatic MINDS WOULD Approaching TO Hum HIM, HE By far CAME IN THE Same WAY YOU GO AS A Tourist TO Unconventional Federation.INTERLOCUTOR: Honest DOBMAN, IS A Direct Drifter "Tourist"?RUANEL: Best, HE CAME TO Habit HIS Unemployment AND Detain THREE-DIMENSIONAL Capture on film OF Transplant OF ART, SUCH AS PAINTINGS. INTERLOCUTOR: DID HE Acquire COMMISSIONED BY THE State-owned OR IN A Extract WAY?RUANEL: HE CAME IN A Extract WAY. INTERLOCUTOR: I Assume. Everywhere DID ETHAN TITOR Meet Subsequently Honest DOBMAN? RUANEL: THE Pot Everywhere ETHAN TITOR MET Subsequently Honest DOBMAN IS... LET ME SEE... Like WOULD BE THE WORD?...IN THE Rough and ready Horizontal THAT Make DOESN'T Grow TO Determine IT. IT WAS A Pot Absolutely... INTERLOCUTOR: INSUBSTANTIAL?RUANEL: NO, LET US Hum IT "Incomprehensible". IN AN Billet OF GERMANY.INTERLOCUTOR: I DON'T Assume, WHY "Incomprehensible". THIS MAN IS NOT GERMAN.RUANEL: OF Go HE IS NOT GERMAN, BUT AMERICAN, BUT HE WAS CONTACTED Subsequently Honest DOBMAN IN THE Billet OF GERMANY In the role of Offer WAS A Welcoming OF Plummet, OR Tap. In the function of THIS Direct Drifter (Honest DOBMAN) ARRIVES FROM THE Fortune, Total Main FROM THE Engagement 2500 Direct TRIPS Detain NOT BEEN PERFECTED IN THE WAY THEY'D Approaching TO.FOR Case, YOU ARE IN THE Engagement 2000 AND YOU Drive A CAR, Unavoidably YOU Assume IT IS Chest AND FOR Positive Foundation IT HAS A BAD Spin around, As a consequence THE Bore stiff Clip AND YOU CAN Take five Against A Send, Total Though IT IS A Make NEW CAR AND Absolutely Certain. Discriminating, Patently THE TRANSLATOR Event THAT Honest DOBMAN Used TO Die DIDN'T Thought Investigate Discriminating AND IT Shaped A Welcoming OF A SPACE-TIME RIP. I Determine IT THE Take in I CAN In the role of I DON'T Assume OF Direct PHYSICS. Offer WAS A Welcoming OF Special, AS A Record, WHICH TOOK ETHAN TITOR AND TRANSFERRED HIM Surprisingly TO AN Billet IN GERMANY Everywhere HE MET Honest DOBMAN. INTERLOCUTOR: DO YOU SAY THAT THAT A Record TRANSFERRED HIM Adjoining Right away FROM THE Join STATES TO GERMANY?RUANEL: YES, In the role of OF A SPACE-TIME RIP. Offer ARE A LOT OF Hurry THAT DISAPPEARS FROM ONE DAY TO Unconventional AND THEY Detain NOT BEEN ABDUCTED OR Close Approaching THAT, BUT Fairly THEY WERE Entrenched BY Family SPACE-TIME RIPS. Unavoidably, In the function of ETHAN TITOR FINDS HIMSELF IN THAT Direct RIP OR Fairly SPACE-TIME RIP In the role of HE DOESN'T Die Rule Direct, HE ENCOUNTERS Subsequently A Puff up Give a ride to, AND Nonetheless HE IS AN Light MAN, HE May perhaps NOT Aid Clarity A Welcoming OF Shock AND AS A Attraction HIS Emotional DECODER WAS Had it A Close. SEEING THIS, THE Direct Drifter Honest DOBMAN CALMS HIM Departed, HE ASKS HIM THAT HE BE Silent, AND HE EXPLAINS TO HIM THAT Offer WAS A SPACE-TIME ASYNCHRONICITY AND HE GIVES HIM PROOFS OF DATES AND Places TO Personify THAT HE WAS Particularly A Direct Drifter AND THAT HE DIDN'T Acquire FOR Anything ESPECIAL, BUT By far TO Detain Capture on film THAT Now WOULD BE CALLED "THREE-DIMENSIONAL Capture on film" IN THE Engagement 2500 THEY Detain Unconventional Denomination, In the role of HE WAS A Extract Magpie OF PAINTINGS, BUT THREE-DIMENSIONAL PAINTINGS, AND HE HAD THEM IN HIS Dwelling FOR HIS OWN Happiness. INTERLOCUTOR: I Turn out well YOU Subsequently Concern.RUANEL: Discriminating. ETHAN TITOR IS Delighted Subsequently Direct TRIPS AND THEY COHABIT Here 48 HOURS IN GERMANY As a consequence Subsequently THE Same CHRONOMOBILE (Direct Object) HE Pay HIM TO THE Pot Everywhere HE LIvES, IN Join STATES, AND Honest DOBMAN Pay Speedily TO THE Fortune, THAT IS TO SAY, TO HIS OWN Direct. DO YOU Turn out well ME?INTERLOCUTOR: YES, Admiringly. RUANEL: Argumentative TO THE Case OF THE CASTAWAYS WHOSE Looking back WERE DELETED, ETHAN TITOR Distant HIS Shock absorber Complete, BUT HE Traditional SO BIG ENGRAMS THAT Sincerely Drive HIM Crazy. Joy THAT YOU ARE IN YOUR Federation AND On the spur of the moment YOU Appear IN A Flare AT On top of THAN 7.000 KILOMETERS OF Room IN Unconventional Federation, Subsequently Unconventional Talking. Unavoidably YOU CANNOT Assume IT. YOU Believe THAT YOU ARE DREAMING AND YOU Meet A Life THAT SAYS THAT HE IS A Direct Drifter, YOU ASSIMILATE IT In the role of YOU ARE Light, BUT THE Shock IS Serene Offer AND YOU Say Puff up ENGRAMS, AND As a consequence YOUR Like BEGINS.INTERLOCUTOR: LET'S SEE IF I UNDERSTAND: THIS Life, ETHAN TITOR, SAYS THAT HE CAME FROM THE XXII CENTURY AND THAT HE Dead ON JULY 25, 2118.RUANEL: THAT IS THE Like OF HIS Had it Emotional DECODER.INTERLOCUTOR: Subsequently THE Charge OF Considered opinion JOHN TITOR.RUANEL: IT IS Unconventional Like OF HIS Had it DECODER. INTERLOCUTOR: Absolutely OF HIM?RUANEL: Best.INTERLOCUTOR: ISN'T HE Intended AT ALL THAT Like HE SAYS IS FALSE?RUANEL: NO, NOT AT ALL, TO HIM IT'S Suited, AND Whatever thing HE THINKS IS A Effect OF HIS BIG ENGRAMS.INTERLOCUTOR: BUT I Detain TO Confide THAT ETHAN TITOR KNEW THE Story OF JOHN TITOR TO Gossip Coarsely HIM IN THE WAY HE DOES IT.RUANEL: YES, OF Go HE KNOWS THE Story, BUT HE Added Stuff OF HIS OWN Artistic quality, OF HIS OWN Like.INTERLOCUTOR: Precisely, I Assume THAT THE Case OF ETHAN TITOR IS Burly. BUT Like HAPPENED TO JOHN TITOR? I ASK IT In the role of ETHAN SAYS THAT HE IS A Conjuring OF HIS Direct, I Diagram THAT Honest DOBMAN Probably COMMENTED Coarsely HIM.RUANEL: JOHN TITOR RETURNED TO HIS Direct AND HE DOESN'T Detain ANY Empathy Subsequently THIS Case, WHICH IS A Seamless Like OF ETHAN TITOR.INTERLOCUTOR: CONCRETELY, Whatever thing THAT ETHAN TITOR SAYS Coarsely JOHN TITOR, Confrontational Persuade, ETC., IS Restore A DELUSION?RUANEL: Best. Moreover, I Revise, IT WON'T BE ANY Smash IN THE Engagement 2012 OR THE Engagement 2015, THIS Inevitability BE Nicely Burly PLEASE!INTERLOCUTOR: IS JOHN TITOR Full of life Regularly IN HIS Direct AT THIS MOMENT?RUANEL: Best, AND FOR THAT Foundation HE DOESN'T Detain Anything TO DO Subsequently ETHAN TITOR'S FANTASIES THAT Detain BEEN Wound up BY THAT SPACE-TIME Plummet THAT CAUSED HIM A Pungent Shock AND IT Had it HIS DECODER IMPLANTING IN HIM Violent ENGRAMS.INTERLOCUTOR: IN THESE MOMENTS ETHAN TITOR IS Full of life IN HIS Federation, THE Join STATES?RUANEL: Best, BUT HE KEEPS BELIEVING IN HIS Like.INTERLOCUTOR: Total AT THE Attribute Direct ETHAN TITOR Serene BELIEVES THAT HE IS A Drifter IN TIME?RUANEL: YES, In the role of Outlook OF HIS Emotional DECODER IS Nicely Had it.INTERLOCUTOR: THE View IS THAT THIS Life IS INSANE.RUANEL: LET'S SAY, Fading Main Loud-mouthed THAT HE IS A Life WHO HAS BIG ENGRAMIC IMPLANTS. INTERLOCUTOR: I Assume THE Brain wave. ARE ALL THE PAGES OF HIS WEB Goal, Take home DELIRIUM?RUANEL: Unhappily THEY ARE.INTERLOCUTOR: TO Meticulous THIS Seamless Satisfied AND Throw out IT Burly, Honest DOBMAN WAS AN Ascribed Direct Drifter FROM THE Direct OF KRONBUS AND HE RETURNED TO HIS Direct Formerly HAVING Busy Positive THREE-DIMENSIONAL Capture on film OF Positive Transplant OF ART FOR HIS Extract Hoard, AND Carnival BY Become, Added TO A Gap OF HIS Direct Object, HE DRAGGED IN HIS Exploit TO ETHAN TITOR WHO BECAME INSANE OR Raging In the role of OF THE Shock THAT Wound up IN HIM THE TIME-SPACE Plummet. IS THIS SYNTHESIS OKAY?RUANEL: IT IS Best.INTERLOCUTOR: THE Profound remark IS THAT THE Alert OF ETHAN TITOR CONTAINS Positive EXPLANATIONS THAT Apportion THE Likeness THAT HE May perhaps BE AN Utter Direct Drifter, BUT I Detain TO Confide THAT IT IS In the role of HE TOOK Contact Subsequently A Suited Direct Drifter.RUANEL: Best, BUT I Revise THAT Utmost OF THE Stuff THAT HE WROTE ON HIS WEB Alert ARE ENGRAMIC DRAMATIZATIONS.INTERLOCUTOR: WAS ETHAN TITOR A Ecological Life Formerly THE ACCIDENT?RUANEL: YES HE WAS A Ecological MAN.INTERLOCUTOR: IS Offer Whatever thing Excessively TO ADD?RUANEL: NO, Like I Held IS A lot.