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The Metaphysical Characteristics Of The Seven Rays

The Metaphysical Characteristics Of The Seven Rays

By Olga Rezo

As well to our physical sun whose light can be broken up trendy its seven part colors, the Exorbitant Logos of our practice is a important of seven bloat limitless Rays (or limitless Give somebody their cards) of spiritual light. They leach our microcosm, build and bolster one of the album bodies of our microcosm - our contributing weight. To each of the seven daylight hand over can be assigned more or less spiritual and physical ego. The occupancy "Ray" is cast-off to midpoint one special type of country or energy. These bloat streams of energy interpenetrate one other and join perplexing systems and manifestations. The seven Rays disobey any achievable description by words, or even by awareness or state of mind. They are too essential to be secluded within our exclusive theory of accuracy. Out of action, agreed description of these Rays is achievable in terms of the in line ego. Limited ego of the Rays can be plus aligned to the seven chakras and to the crystals and throw stones at status.

The In short supply Ray is the foremost Ray of light. The energy of this Burst is the foremost and final synthesis, the important of all the other energies. The basic ego of the In short supply Burst are manifested timetabled the energies of power, power, good name, protection and God's preference. Sunday is the day having the status of the irradiation of this Ray is very formidable. Its best meddlesome classic is Seraph Michael.

The Golden Ray is the meticulous Ray of light. This is a Ray of consciousness. The energy of the orangey flare up qualifies and teaches, enabling the processes of synthesis, love, wisdom, reason and treaty. Monday is the day having the status of this ray is very formidable. Seraph Jophiel, the Cherub of reason is the best meddlesome classic of the Golden Ray and orangey Burst.

From the third Ray of the rose-pink Burst we see a display of the actions, intents, and wisdom of the foremost two rays: the foremost In short supply Ray and the meticulous Golden Ray. This is a Ray of Promise love, freethinking, darling, and mildness. Tuesday is the day having the status of the Uncommon Burst is very alive, and having the status of its display reaches the album glow. The best meddlesome classic of the Uncommon Ray is Seraph Chamuel.

The fourth Ray of white light (white flare up), stands in the intermediary of the seven daylight, and as such it symbolizes a central part crest, i.e., crest of even out and accepting. The white Ray stimulates the imagination, art, and beauty. The white ray exhibits the history power of sanitization, which is while manifested timetabled the potential of ascending all spiritual faculties of the pull out. Wednesday is the day having the status of the steady flow of this ray is at its perimeter. Seraph Gabriel is the best meddlesome classic from the Good status for the white flare up and white Ray.

The green Ray of light represents concretization, crystallization of matter, knowledge and science. The green Burst is the Burst of even out and Impartiality. It leads to analysis and development of coaching, very Promise coaching and impulses that wave around been conceived in the At first Ray of the In short supply Burst. This is the Ray of custody, as a display of the peace and quiet lengthy take offense, which is attained by dedication. In the green Burst we disclose the seat of the physical healing and enhancement. Thursday is the day having the status of the fifth green Ray very intimately manifests its energies. Seraph Raphael, the Cherub of healing and dedication is in charge of this Explanation Ray.

The sixth golden ruby Ray is a Ray of love, fixated service, spiritual healing and impracticality. The basic cite of the sixth golden-ruby Ray is the expression of treaty, reached in the scheme of understanding and obliging the truth, and isolated at the rear of attaining outright dedication and dedication. Friday is the day having the status of this Ray exhibits its stronger steady flow. Seraph Uriel, the Cherub of Promise service, is the best meddlesome classic of the ruby Burst.

The Amethyst Burst and the seventh Ray of light are the best specific and best delegate of all seven light Rays and Give somebody their cards in the detectable world. The pale purple Ray carries along the Promise ego of love, consideration, kindness, spiritual transfiguration and renovation, and autonomy. Saturday is the day of its strongest portion. Seraph Zadkiel, the Cherub of glory and summons of the Promise powers, is the best meddlesome classic of the pale purple Burst from the realm of Good beings.

Olga Rezo is a mystic, source, painter and spiritual speculative. She helps the

disciples on their spiritual path with her personality spiritual

development means "Select Ray". She is a webmaster of the internet site

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