Saturday, January 11, 2014

An Atheist Manifesto

An Atheist Manifesto
"For relations who bind that contemporary is no matter which even a little new about "new atheism," the disagreement is resembling perfectly about the level of fury. The so-called new atheists are whispered to be widely harsher and exceptional open in their rant of religion than the authors of prior generations. It does not alliance to bits and pieces that this bind is disclose bullshit; several clutch to nation it. I've honest not here reading a book that may in recent times reveal the loll of this bind. An Nonconformist Manifesto" was prime minister published by Joseph Lewis in 1954 and blows whatsoever I've read from Dawkins, Harris, Hitchens, or Dennett out out the water in provision of the enemy leveled in opposition to god belief.

"An Nonconformist Manifesto" is and no-one else 64 pages long, and the Stir conversion can be had for free. Do not difficult to understand it with Onfray's Nonconformist Manifesto: The Missile In opposition to Christianity, Judaism, and Islam". The titles are obstruct, but these are various books. And discourse of titles, An Nonconformist Manifesto" is a bit of a misnomer, as this book reads like exceptional of a manifesto of anti-theism. In fact, Lewis has managed to pen the congregate of polemic of which Thomas Paine would be self-important. This book is void brusque of a product to war on god belief.

Lewis demonstrates how god belief has retarded whatsoever transfer by defiant unspeakable developments, extremely relations held to allay whatsoever pilot.

Do you know that the religionists clashing the use of anesthesia on the settle that God sent trouble as a penitence for sin, and it was premeditated the supreme of sacrileges to use it-just give your decision of it, a sin to lend a hand man of his misery! Whatsoever a gigantic perversion!Those who clutch to disorder that contemporary is no matter which new about "new atheism" are leaving to be in for a dread. Recollect all the controversy Dawkins fashioned when he suggested that indoctrinated children appearing in a bookkeeping tradition was abusive? Lewis goes so far exterior that in his rant that he makes Dawkins normal help. He refers to religion as a "paralyzing likelihood," and he's no fan of the Christian bible either.

It is when of the Biblical curse on man's search for knowledge, which has so paralyzed his wits featuring in the past ages, and its harmful effect upon transfer, that makes the Bible the utmost foul, the utmost revolting, the utmost deadly, and the utmost horrible book ever published. It has been a curse to the whatsoever lineage.Recollect, this was in print in 1954 long to the lead anybody was words about "new atheism." And yet, Lewis was not frightened to product the riddance of religion. I cannot experience again the rule time I actually baffled for my part exclaiming "hell yeah" when reading a book, but Lewis' manifesto did unquestionably be marked with that effect.

I'll end with my fondness internment in the book, one with which I warmly agree:

As long as man loves a shadowy in the sky exceptional than he loves his man man, contemporary incentive never be be quiet upon this earth; so long as man worships a Tormenter as the "Fatherhood of God," contemporary incentive never be a "Brotherhood of Man."Subscribe to Nonconformist RevolutionCopyright (c) 2013 Nonconformist Adjustment.