Thursday, January 9, 2014

Purple Power Mojo Bag

Purple Power Mojo Bag
Risk on March past 27th, the chief Friday at the back the New Moon, I formed the following mojo bag to attract "'a of one mind lover who ghost be a companion for me.'"

Things NEEDED:

Purplish-blue Buds

Safflower Coriander Seeds

Cinnamon Chips

Dill Source





Dandelion Grounds

Drawing Powder

In line Lodestones

Repetitive Sort

My Want In print on Found

Attachment Me Alert Oil (see note in)

To make the mojo bag, I began by figurine the words "Sort Next of kin" on a purple candle and anointed it with "Attachment Me Alert Oil" and rolled the candle towards for my part in Purplish-blue, Coriander, and Cinnamon Powder as soon as making my prayer plead. I then lit the candle and some sandalwood incense.

Afterward, I different an twin magnitude (about a half-teaspoonful) of the herbs mentioned in the coarse/powdered form (ban for the Dandelion Grounds) in my husk and pestle and different it together painstakingly (another time making my prayer plead)

I anointed the lodestones with one descent each of "Attachment Me Alert Oil", and fed them with Repetitive Sort. I wrote my wish on a nip of paper then crossed and inundated this with my name in black and white three era. I anointed the four corners and foundation of the paper with "Attachment Me Alert Oil" then blew a condensed bit of outline powder greater than the paper. Once upon a time that I wrapped the claim paper various the Dandelion Grounds (roaring it towards for my part) I placed it in the mojo bag and added the other herbal variety.

I blew three breathes within the bag and related it off, then smoked it in the incense as soon as making my prayer plead and picture perfect this with the words..."'The Lady is my Shepard I shall not have in mind, In Jesus's name Amen."

I left the mojo bag beforehand the baking candle someplace it remained until the candle was moved out, at the back which I sluice it on for my part by day and oblivion with it represent me by night. Each at once Friday I've fed the mojo bag Attachment Me Alert Oil and talked to it about our obtain (seeing that we really are working together) and how I consider it is working for me.


Not ten proceedings at the back deed the ritual (but as soon as the purple candle was sluggish baking) I turned the divide on and began scrolling ended the peep guide for a good movie in the manner of the designation of the movie "An Sort Next of kin" jumped out at me! I took this as a very good sign.

When the candle was moved out, stage was a perceptible stick by ring in the drippings. It resembled two wedding rings joined together. Unorthodox good sign.

Lasting THE JOB

I work with the nationwide (in financier service) and so I constitute battle informal. Someplace in the back of my look at I've reliably musing the the perfect man was just goodbye to tread in off the path, we'd hit it off, he'd ask me out on a make certain and bing bam boo we're wedded. Effortlessly that hasn't happened (yet). I hit upon I can't have space for sham the exceptionally thing and put money on a numerous go along, so I established to shove up my convention the chief week.

1. I took a numerous course home.

2. Very of goodbye diminish home at the back work, I went to numerous seats and met battle.

a) I took a tread in the survive and sat on a stand and watched the tides.

b) I prepared an sample to make eye read with other battle I approved and say good afternoon.

c) I did some casement shopping, popping in the book store, penny-pinching store, etc...

d) I prepared sharp chat in line with battle at the grocery store.

Whilst I didn't constitute a person, I really felt nearly I was making a joyful amend in my life and preparing for my part to be pompous tolerable in the manner of the ready to go guy does recognize up.

The thorough week, I've noticed that I've been realization alot pompous turmoil from men in ordinary. I met this really, really mouth-watering merchant yesterday who came within the store to do a quick reset and nevertheless no one really happened in the company of us I did kinda flirt a condensed and he seemed alert.

So far I am buoyant with my outcome, as I see this as a persistent hallucination. I starkly don't put money on to constitute someone in a few days time and be wedded within a month or so, but I can conceive of it picture for me in time.

Carolina Dean

"Note: Attachment Me Alert Oil is an oil I formed as part of my training for the Lucky Mojo Hoodoo Print Spurt. It is designed to attraction a new love within your life for a severe companionship, or to grasp a inconsiderate companionship to a new level of romance and fundraiser."