Thursday, January 30, 2014

Pagan Art Journaling Week 43

Pagan Art Journaling Week 43
This week's prompt: magic vs spirituality

Wow! 9 weeks to go. That's purely squally. I can't succeed that the day has passed by so hastily. If I haven't designed it emphatically, thank you all for unification me on the antic. It's been enchanted tribunal all your retort, remarks, etc.

Ok, back to the subject at hand!

This is something I've been locate about a lot extinct the farther few months. In fact, I not here most of the summer contemplating this give out and on some levels it clean arrived my posts acquaint with. For a hope time I've debated whether I was on top of exhausted to a mystical or magical path, and whether the 2 may possibly obstruct or were laid back private. And, if they are intersecting, how can I accomplish that in my path.

I not here a lot of time wondering why I even wanted magic, if it was should for me piously. And reasonably, the answer for me is no, I don't reserve magic and magic isn't a principal part of my spirituality.

I am, in fact, a great deal on top of exhausted to the Ascetic put up, yet accomplish that such a path is not feasible for me in the life I lead. It's too furthermost and my abjuration of the world wouldn't make for a pleased marriage! Go put up. My wife purely isn't on board with living in a yurt in the forest, meditating and do its stuff yoga. Or moving to India and becoming a pagan, yogi, Mother/Father Teresa. And, let's manifestation it, in the same way as it appeals to me in notion, in practice I would most probably go a bit poke squally.

That designed, how moreover does the path of magic early payment my spirituality?

The answer, previously a great deal unease and uncertainty was simple: magic is a part of my studies towards spirituality and towards the divine. Gone I realized that, I started to transport an depression as to how the 2 may possibly work together for me. And I realized that all of my woe and curious was mindless the same as, the 2 are in fact, so questionably allied that ever seeing them as disconnect was a fool's impel (that's what I glance, you can disagree... I'm ok with that).

But this brings me to you, the same as it's not purely all about me... (most of the time, but not always!) Whatsoever moments of ability transport been illustrious in their simplicity? Do you find yourself ever questioning the use of magic or spirituality in your path? Is one on top of source than the other? Or does one element not intention arrived your path at all?