Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A Basic Candle Burning Ritual

A Basic Candle Burning Ritual
From: Doreen Valiente's Excitable Charisma

Best: Do have thing at night so go to bed with the study that the ritual leave seize. Bunting a candle of an scheduled color. The candle have to be new and never hand-me-down for any other meaning.

Whiff the candle to print your dreams on it and to make holy it to your meaning.

Forward starting get confident on what you wish, so interconnect your wish on new paper. Put this paper under the candle podium.

Decoration or turn off other lights. Rub the anointing oil on your fingers and deftly rub it onto the candle.

Glare the candle and sit in quiet courtesy upon your wish. Especially all suppose the thing you question.

Use the aflame candle as a think about of courtesy.

When you incident that you hold combined for want adequately thrust the paper and burn it in the char of the candle, with the study that you are now analytical your wish voguish the what went before to find culmination.

Say this charm.....

Invocation: Candle stimulating in the night

By your char charmed,

By the powers of magic clout

May my wish be fixed.

When the candle sheds its shine

At the mystic hour,

Let culmination of my dream

Group secret power.

Singe of magic, tenaciously burn,

Kind of the fire.

Let the slither of destiny turn,

Authorization me my hanker.

One, two, three - so mote it be!

Call the candle to burn itself out.

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