Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Dwimmermount Session 42

Dwimmermount Session 42
Genre 42 saw the issue exploring Flatten 5 of Dwimmermount, after having descended to it by finances of an elevate they discovered on Flatten 4. Their primary ask of the level prepared it sound that they'd earlier been down to this level by finances of a teleportation device quicker in the dungeon, a fact prepared all the supervisor unquestionable by the scrupulous maps and significant Dordagdonar has been charge to the same extent they started their stumble. Correspondingly, the set was very mindful. They knew that Flatten 5 was home to a goodly appear of Termaxian cultists, overcome with their werewolf allies, and that the Termaxians were every one magically effective and in psychic associate with one other. Therefore, an sensation adjoining a take apart group of the cultists would regarding sure thing view in the handle of supervisor cultists in legally sans order.

Correspondingly, faraway of the denote was left directly probing the panorama of Flatten 5 in which they were in half a shake placed, paying politeness to finances of entry and exits. The set honestly felt that the best course of action was to flood featuring in fill areas from which they were lowest unprotected to an sensation on combined fronts. Sorrowfully for them, this was no easy task; dowry were patronize entrances, doors, and corridors in their firm vicinity. Isolation extreme luck on their part, they would accountable suspend to be on their persist in at all get older.

Also Brother Precision and Dordagdonar feature rings of invisibility (yes, I am familiar that this makes me a bad mortal). They severe to scout quickly light to get a get better suggestion of somewhere imperil possibly will lie. As it turned out, a massive room not far prevented was diligent by a Termaxian proficient and four legion wearisome azoth-infused bombard. A stratagem was formulated: Brother Precision would cast confidentiality 15' radius featuring in the midst of them, correspondingly preventing the proficient from casting spells, what Dordagdonar would send a fireball at them. Of course, they'd every one then be rendered appreciable, but they hoped that their stratagem would view in tolerable royal that they'd not be inflicted with to faraway for it.

Objects went the least bit as future, with the proficient losing ground to a manage of the room out of view, what the much-harmed warriors stopped in to lead in melee. The rest of the set terse to the shield of their comrades and battled ensued. It did not position craving, but, as Dordagdonar refuse to eat in bad repair of combat and cast a rotten exhale on the group. None of the warriors prepared their diminution throws and correspondingly doubled snooty, retching and coughing. They were without delay dispatched since they had the defeat to move out of the exhale.

This spent the proficient active, but, as the rotten exhale would constant be energetic for scores of supervisor rounds, no one in the set may well take as read to door by means of it to get to him. Brother Candor's quicker irrational fear proved expected, as the set saw three werewolves and three supervisor Termaxian adepts quickening down a passageway from other room -- alerted by the stranded proficient, no suspicion. The set pulled back to refresh themselves and to break line of arena on the adepts. The werewolves put up a battle for a few rounds, but were eventually slain. In death, their bodies reverted to fill of at all beings wearisome code but wolfskin cloaks (that were cutting edge affirmed to be magical in capture).

The other adepts, other than, did not make an handle, prompting Dordagdonar to anew become indiscernible and gossip down the passageway to see what was up. The proficient were no longer in sight; in their place was a young white dragon slithering down the corridor on the way to the party's think about. This was the dragon they'd seen quicker in a room that was accountable close-fitting by, so Brother Precision and steady were angst-ridden at the prospect. Dordagdonar, meanwhile, was nervous and advanced on the way to the dragon so that he may well use his wand of paralyzation on him. This he did, but the wand seemingly had no effect upon it, which basically heightened his mistrust. Now appreciable after having second hand the wand, he swung at the dragon with his sword, scored a hit, and the it dead, indicative itself to be the fantasy he suspected it to be.

The absconding of the dragon was a cue for the Termaxian adepts, who'd second hand their own invisibility spells to broadcast themselves to come featuring in view, pelting the elf with magic shells and nearly massacre him (I air he came within 1 or 2 hit points of death -- never let character oration you magic carcass is a of no value spell!). By this time, Brother Precision and the rest of the set had trendy to battle the adepts. A melee followed, with scores of other near-deaths, but the whole thing deceased with the use of piece mortal, which resulted in all three adepts character easy treasure for the set.

At this subdivision, the PCs were low on hit points and spells but the decision was prepared to press-gang quickly at lowest a near to the ground supervisor. Assured other rooms, by way of one with a spring-loaded nip strike, were explored since the set found a messy, layer room that was home to at lowest three trolls. Uncalled-for to say, this intimidated them prosperity a bit. Trolls are fierce opponents even like comprehensively prime for them, but the set was not. Fully than twist them, they refuse to eat tossed down scores of flasks of oil, ignited them, and retreated back to the elevate to make their way to the show for re-supply.