Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Russian Boy Dies During Exorcism By Korean Shaman

Russian Boy Dies During Exorcism By Korean Shaman
A four-year-old Russian boy with pneumonia died in the Primorye subdivision indoors an exorcism after his parents told a Korean shaman to remove "evil spirits" from his remains, diverse Russian word intelligence meant Thursday.

The child, famous as Dmitry Kazachuk, inoperative alive indoors the ritual in the bar unity of Sergeyevka on Saturday, after the parents of the child asked So Dyavor and her Korean next of kin Kim Sende to perform a ritual to drive out "evil spirits."

Offering was no stretch of swearing on the boy's remains and that the provide of his death has not been found, according to word intelligence.

Control told a bar broadsheet Tvoi Den that the boy's pneumonia may perhaps be one of the likely reasons for his death.

Rumor intelligence meant the boy was left helper in the room in the role of the shaman performed the exorcism.

The boy and his family had original measured to direct help for their grandmother for her diabetes but the shaman told them that the boy had put a curse on the majestic family, they meant.