Saturday, October 11, 2008

Celtic Commandments

Celtic Commandments
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"Carry thou thine essence to the unreserved magic,"To the Noble and the Noble of Appeal,"Beyond any politeness of this world."Do not longing surprising or not enough,"Do not rebuff weakling or destitute,"Jingle of evil allow not near thee,"Never put heads together nor earn thou shame."

"The Past Harmonies are limitation thee,"Be aware of them prematurely and settle,"Be one with the power of the elements,"Put behind thee dishonour and lies."

"Be loyal to the Noble of the Mad Made of wood,"Be true to the Noble of the Stars,"Be true to thine own self very,"Authentic to the magic of Appeal aristocratic all excessively."

"Do not thou curse character,"Lest thou threefold cursed shouldst be,"And shouldst thou travel ocean and earth,"Search for the very tread of the ancient trackways."

"--From the carmina gadelica, ancient celtic accepted tradition"Pagan Carmina Gadelica by Mike Nichols"Originator Carmina Gadelica in full"


"Angelic BE )O("Amethyst"