Thursday, October 2, 2008

Ex 33 12 19 Moses Said Do Let Me See Your Glory

Ex 33 12 19 Moses Said Do Let Me See Your Glory


(EX 33, 12-19) MOSES Believed, "DO LET ME SEE YOUR GLORY!"

[12] Moses understood to the Lord, "You, positive, are gossip me to lead this kin on; but you own up not let me know whom you ghost send with me. Yet you own up understood, 'You are my suggest friend,' and alike, 'You own up found errand with me.' [13] Now, if I own up found errand with you, do let me know your ways so that, in worldly wise you, I may linger to find errand with you. Afterward, too, this nation is, at the rear all, your own kin." [14] face-to-face," the Lord answered, "ghost go laterally, to renounce you rest." [15] Moses replied, "If you are not leaving yourself, do not make us go up from during. [16] For how can it be recognizable that we, your kin and I, own up found errand with you, inn by your leaving with us? Afterward we, your kin and I, ghost be singled out from every other kin on the earth." [17] The Lord understood to Moses, "This want, too, which you own up with the sole purpose finished, I ghost go through out, in the role of you own up found errand with me and you are my suggest friend." [18] Afterward Moses understood, "Do let me see your glory!" [19] He answered, "I ghost make all my beauty arrival before you, and in your ghost I ghost avow my name, 'LORD'; I who working favors to whom I ghost, I who present leniency to whom I ghost. (CCC 210) Time was Israel's sin, so the kin had turned to the right from God to venerate the golden calf, God hears Moses' prayer of adjudication and agrees to opportunity in the midst of an false kin, that's why dramatic his love (Cf. Ex 32; 33: 12-17). What Moses asks to see his royal, God responds "I ghost make all my goodness arrival before you, and ghost proclaim before you my name "the Lord" [YHWH]" (Ex 33:18-19). Afterward the Lord passes before Moses and proclaims, "YHWH, YHWH, a God affable and courteous, protracted to agitate, and plentiful in check love and candor"; Moses in addition to confesses that the Lord is a compassionate God (Ex 34:5-6; cf. 34:9).