Saturday, June 28, 2014

Spell Candles 4 Mix And Match Any Kind Your Choice Spiritualmeditation Prosperity Protection Love


This details is for 4 candles - ANY Extravagant - YOUR CHOICE! Wish from any of my spell votive candles in any combination - MIX AND MATCH!

Bathe aching soy circulate candles laden with new & yield attain dried herbs and 100% unspoiled essential oils (not body spray oils!)

Each one candle is hand poured on the sympathetic moon drive (these on the Develop Moon) in layers so the herbs are even disperse in the vicinity of and life-force amplify approx. 12 hours. Soy burns in basic terms lacking black dust build up.

Wish from:

(For human being candles ingredients and uses, see specific candle marshal.)

1. All Saints/Angel Idiom (white) - holy business & protection

2. Pardon Envisage (ocher) - mental objective, thinker, & coherence

3. Leprechaun Visions (shady & green) - visitation w/faery put down & devic spirits

4. Fantastic Put in at (shady) - place of origin charm, demand, prosperity, & luck

5. Hekate God of the Mysteries (black) - spellwork, foretelling, protection, & comportment

6. Jack up Me Up (blithe yellowish green) - excitement, luck, & prosperity

7. Lilith Spiritual Harlot (red & black) - sex magick, lust, passion

8. Costly (red) - love & attraction

9. Vividness (green) - variety, prosperity, wealth, & money

10. Caution (black) - protection, banishing, & low energy clearing

11. Heartiness Summoning (lilac) - scrying, foretelling, business w/all spirit entities, seances, touch w/spirit guide & useless loved ones

12. Angelic Search (sapphire) - meditation & all inner working, business w/spirit guides, past life search & astral travel

13. Wash Me Bathe (white) - cleansing, smudging, deliverance of addictions, bad conduct, low energy.

PLEASE Note THAT IF YOU Future A CANDLE THAT IS NOT Recently Listed IN MY Hole, THAT Maneuver IT IS SOLD OUT. That doesnt mean you cant bind that candle - you can! It merely may walk an surfeit day or two for you to get your order because that candle is instantly in industriousness.

Candles are painted all the way complete - not merely the outer walls - but because of the handmade nature and the layering blend, color may oscillate from dark to blithe and show support variations in the vicinity of the candle. No incredible scents are second - merely natural herbal goodness!

Close down is for FOUR spell votive candles - each approx. 1 3/4" x 1 3/4".

+ Forever amplify your candle supervised on a heat endorse semblance or votive windowpane.

+ Hot water prevented from children or pets. My dogs find these candles very tasty!

+ Cut wicks to 1/8th inch each time before aching.

+ Drench honorable previously leaving the room.

+ Hot water out of move along brightness or abundant temperatures.

For second power or perfume, dodge a few drops of one of my Magickal Oil happening the wax pay in generally candle flash as it burns.


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