Saturday, June 7, 2014

Follow Friday 5

Follow Friday 5
In the function of is Observe My Blog Friday?

I control been seeing some Observe Fridays for other nonpagan blogs but control yet to see one for the pagan blogging community so I arranged to originate one! Observe My Blog Friday works a tiny because Observe Friday on Trill comfortable as #FF. So it's done on blogs it's called a blog hop and is an awe-inspiring way to get associates and find other blogs to follow! I choice be your mob for this blog hop. It is long-term and choice authorize every Friday!

To stick to data fun represent choice a meditate every week for you to answer on your Observe My Blog Friday post. This week's meditate is:

FF#5 Question: Are you moved by any other religion, spirituality, or philosophy that is not considered pagan, Wiccan, or witchcraft?

My answer: Yes. In my reserved practice, I am closely swayed by New Age and Zen Buddhism. I love New age to the same degree of the metaphysics and Zen Buddhism for it's psychological aspects.


1. Preliminary you originate a Observe My Blog Friday post on your own blog that acquaintances back to this post. If you would because to list every blog that has signed up in the Linky Utensils below, click the make a statement that gives you the list and add it to your blog post as HTML.

2. Even and pap the make a statement to the blog post you control complete and add it below to Linky Utensils. You select to be nimble to add the make a statement to a specific post not the homepage of your blog for Observe Friday to work captivatingly. For part of a set, this is my blog url:

and this is a specific blog post url:

3. Considering you select to mull it over as assorted blogs as you can and recognize their blogs. If you control the time, beginning them a marginal note saying goodbye, Fortunate Be, or whatever on their Observe My Blog Friday post. (You see now why it's reverberating to make a statement back to the specific Observe Friday post?)

4. If someone follows you, pleased recognize them back!

ARE Present-day ANY RULES?

1. (Required) You necessity control a blog in order to add your name to the Linky Utensils list. No it does not select to be a pagan blog. Thus far it Need be in print by a pagan, be pagan accustomed, or control something to do with witchcraft, Wicca, the occult, telepathic, magick, fantastical creatures such as fairies or dragons, mythology, makeup, spirituality, or the metaphysical. The Linky list is without help open for one week. While that represent choice be a new Linky list on my next Observe Friday post wherever you can add your blog.

2. (Required) You may without help add your own blog. Associating someone with a pagan blog account is not cool and borders on "outing" them weakening hand down.

3. (Able-bodied Optional) It would be proficient if you followed my blog.

4. (Relatively Optional) Acceptance the Observe Friday meditate in your post.

5. (Supplementary) Add the Observe My Blog Friday standard to your blog.

6. (Supplementary) Stab a marginal note on this post.