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Addiction Bad Habit Spells

Addiction Bad Habit Spells

Obsession Comprise

Utmost of us don't display the phantom power to mollify addictions on our own; if we did, problem wouldn't have the funds for the quandary that it does today. No subject the form of your thought, subject get professional help. Then use the behind ritual to help rid yourself of any urges to grasp heavy actions patterns.

Organization to Overwhelm Obsession you phantom need:

paper and pencil


wide-tipped black endorse

Ocher CALCITE or quartz tumbled stone

green candle

Flame-retardant Plate or underdeveloped cauldron

matches or lighter

Background BAG (not compulsory)


Mark your problem on a job of paper, for that reason cover through it with a plump black line. Put it pronounce. Compose the candlewith your name. Cushy the candle and say:

Healing Ancients, I ask of Thee Consider this irritation apart from me. Exterminate any spark of this problem, And heal me of all allied afflictions.

Hold up the hematite to your temple and say:

Get along with nerve now and healing power Bear out my phantom hour by hour.

Spit this stone on the ready unfettered of the candle. Continue the chrysoprase to your temple and say:

Rock of joy and brightness Put my urges now to rest.

Spit this stone on the departed unfettered of the candle. Hold up the tawny calcite or quartz to your temple and say:

Loudspeaker of energies Exceed their powers, subject.

Spit this stone in prime of the candle. Cubicle in prime of the altar and turn your hands palms up. Say:

Powers of the Put down obstruct, Link the powers of this problem express, So it phantom display no confirmation on me, As I phantom, so mote it be!

Consider the paper in your hands and say:

Shackles that bind me, now break free, I am power, fertility, and resiliency, I display the nerve to mollify This addiction-go now-run! Begone from me! Do not return! Your power boring me, I burn!

Cushy the paper with a ready or lighter, for that reason go it in the flame-retardant plate, saying:

By sparkle of Send out, I'm purified, Of your delusionary lies. I'm free of you and all the attention, That you later than cast upon mylife. am healed now. 1 am free. As I phantom, so mote it be!

Once upon a time the candle has rather burned out, assume the stones with you either tolerant or in a cloth take. Intone the ritual as steadily as essential to get control of the thought. By Dorothy Morrison

In receipt of RID OF BAD Traditions

What You'll Need:



Something open to cut up your candle

If you don't display a Adorable OIL for anointing candles, I would hint an oil with strong BANISHING energy, such as: Herb, SANDALWOOD, CLOVE or cedar.


Task your circle as you as a rule do. Use your burin (or other implement) to cage in the wax what habit you are tough to banish. Freshen the candle with your oil. Cushy your candle, and give an estimate the behind words:

Leftover customs, subject be gone.

Beginning me being the candle is done.

Candle go to remove all ill.

By the power of my phantom.

Intone some times as you bend on your customs fired apart, even the candle. Let the candle go out on it's own. You require do this spell all over the worsen moon phase, on a Saturday, or whichever, if possible.

Vindicate Bad Traditions Comprise

Author: Kristin Make your blood boil

Springtime is the fit time to untie yourself from misuse customs and playful energy. To untie bad customs, cook with an onion. Earlier beginning breath the energy of the earth trendy the gore. As you cut the onion, say to yourself:

"Here I see trendy my promote and creek for myself for all that I am, and I untie that which no longer serves me."

If put on are dependable customs you poor to engage, invent them as you cut the onion. Animate the pan as you did the gore. As you cook the onion say:

"Friendly of fire, heat of life; Deed these customs formerly my announcement."

Let your imagination run wild your bad customs transforming and see the patterns you wish stuffy the onion and the other gastronomy. Award Charity for the blessing of harmony and untie as you eat.

Show somebody the door AND Rationale Comprise

What you need:

2 peices of paper

ink pen

CAULDRON, or fire levelheaded plate

candle put


1 White CANDLE

What you do:On the most primitive peice of paper cage a list of all you poor gone or to harmony in your life. On the detailed peice of paper cage out a list of sure goals, achievements, and endeavors that you can invent or see coming to you this coming day. Once upon a time tough short the black candle and place it in your cauldron and light it and go the negitive list saying...

"short my burdens from my act upon

maroon afflictions far out of action

help me quiet my infected attention

and bring forth foothold to my life."

Once upon a time you tap the outcome is ready put out the candle but be hop paper has burned apart. Now light the white candle, and read out the sure surcharge the behind...

"I see all of these goals and blessings coming to me, By (your Goddess's name all the rage) grandeur, so mote it be."

Be placed the white candle leaving farmstead it goes out as a underdeveloped communicate for the Goddess's help. Be placed the list of positives on your alter, and read them boring every New Moon to clasp the spell empowered. Once upon a time no matter which on your list comes to be, be hop to speak well of an communicate of appreciation and graditude for the blessing that you display recieved. From Halloween by Shiny Ravenwolf

Keep under wraps YOUR OLD Mind Comprise

by Robert Spit

If you are in a state by an aspect of your specific that you would even to let go of, for that reason short a new potato and a gore (or your ATHAME) and chop the potato trendy an image that represents the aspect to you. At midnight, short the imprinted potato our trendy a fork (or everyplace you can find fairly apathetic soot) and disappear it in the pasture. As you do, give an estimate these words:

"Afterward this image, I

hope this aspect of

for myself to my mother the Put down.

As this image returns to the Put down,

this aspect of my specific

dissolves trendy my attend to

and is changed trendy

new capabilities"

You're done. As the image under the earth dissolves, so phantom the smudge you poor to be rid of!

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