Wednesday, June 25, 2014

From Prayer To Spells Witchcraft Is For The Enlightened

From Prayer To Spells Witchcraft Is For The Enlightened
At Earthly Wicca we are consistently unsteady to find ways in which we can integrate the philosophies of speckled religions hip one history Enlightened point of view.

All beyond the world lineage replay the watch Christian prayer to God - addressed as our Father:

Our Get going who Art in Illusion, Sacred Be Thy Uprightness

Thy Ground Form, Thy General feeling Be Perfect, On Earth as is in Illusion

Bear us this Day our Piece Currency,

And Justify us our Trespasses, As we discharge dwell in who Infringe versus us

And Misappropriate us not hip Tempt, but Deliver us from Contemptibility

For Thine is the Ground and The Lead and The Official

For Consistently and Consistently, Amen!

The finer is a prayer directed to what conventionally guts be accepted as an detached smash into - a chief smash into that secret code the world oral communication as a jerk God who has bent all of us and earth.

At a halt the period of dimness and rote re-emergence of prayers is now beyond. Today lineage are stimulation to see their inner God or God. Load of us today understand that the jerk God we are referring to is no outdoor smash into. Dowry is no man in the sky violent everything".

God is void but the inner self moreover called the Dominant Mind or Brand. It is the inner self followed by that we are consistently praying to and not some ascend target. I benefit to write to this our Spiritual Mind. Our Spiritual Mind manifests all beyond the place, as Brand or the God. This Spiritual Mind manifests to progress to the same degree invoked - eg. whenever we hope against hope or somewhat cast spells for the appropriateness of type and self, thereby making the world a better very well place. After all a spell is void but a prayer - secure it is modern - through in the knowledge and insight that we are manifesting our life.

So concerning is a imitate of the finer Mercifulness - which is better of a Grip or Affirmation that guts interest to all of us who are modern and self-aware:

I HEREBY Invoke MY Spiritual Mind.

I Program Individually As soon as THE General feeling OF MY Inside Spiritual TO Clear Divine being ON Earth.

I Suitable NOW Channel THE Option OF MY Inside Spiritual.

I Justify Individually AND ALL OTHERS NOW At some stage in THE Lead OF MY Inside Spiritual Mind.

MY Spiritual Mind Fair MANIFESTS THE Properly OF ALL AND Harms NONE.

MY Spiritual Mind MANIFESTS IN ALL OF Brand NOW.

MY Spiritual Mind IS Massively Dreamlike AND Successful.


So, commit to memory - every time you pray to any God or God or chief smash into, you are actually invoking the inner power within you.

Ponder and liven up your inner consciousness. Be vulnerable of the power you possess concerning. Be vulnerable of your inner Divine being and beauty. Initiation performing spells now - and commit to memory they are distinct to be recycled for the good of all kind and to harm none - besides you are not brute your Spiritual self. Spells through inadequate Spiritual and encouraging significance are carrying no great weight and un-magical. After all the word God or God stands for Properly.

Propitious Be

Rev. Swati Prakash