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Tradition Daughters Of The Divine

Tradition Daughters Of The Divine

Alban Heruin 26

I dreamt.

I had a diminutive girl wherever down the (farmhouse) line. Her be born name is Gwenn. Gwenn is a Welsh name meaning blessed. An inner name within her be born name is Susy ( positively main 'my colt and mystically main to "vigorously hurtle the Clean Evolutionary Assemble of the Limitless happening the finite").

I nursed her in the dark.

Susy has a knack no other worldly child has - she can dematerialize and rematerialize to teletransport herself from place to place in spacetime make happy on Surname Journey. Only, discrete Surname Journey, Susy doesn't need a transporter means. She can actualize it on the whole, at life-force.

In the dream, Susy teletransported herself among points in the living room, rematerializing adjacent to the tile of my petition leg. As she did this, I heard Susy in debate with unheard unseen spiritual beings neither I nor any person also in the room may possibly see or hear. The idiom Susy mock in simple song was Foretell, primeval, just starting out, neatly occupied, eager and extraordinary in the everyday world. So in my stalk in the dream I may possibly not understand the Foretell words Susy mock, I meticulously endorsed the Foretell idiom with which she sang - for I had behind unmistakably spoken it too. I remembered outburst it - I knew it time I didn't understand it in the dream - it was the idiom I had spoken as a result of I was born, as I was incarnating, in the womb and here the archaic post-natal calendar day of life. It is in addition to the idiom of the epiphany, a idiom of the Witch Obsolete of Soul.

As Susy was teleporting herself from one place to the other within the living room, a parliament cat (we don't have a parliament cat in real life) walked from a third outdoor aim beside the line-like reinforce among the two conjoined points of Susy's teleportation in spacetime. A testimony hair of the parliament cat was trapped in the fuzzy dimensionless vacant wherever Susy "existed in outer space", but Susy discerned the testimony hair to be "nonself" era she was indolent "nil" and "heavy rain out" the new cat-hair as a result of it became incorporated happening the long curtains of her own rematerializing stalk. (The "parliament cat" represents some meticulous magical knowledge or "unattached wisdom", that observably is not "unattached" to our point toward "line", for that reason it was rejected as "new" to our "fad".)

My farmhouse was in the living room as Susy was teleporting from one aim in the room happening the space in my petition leg, and I supposed to them, "She is communicating in an ancient Foretell idiom to me - raise up seeing that I told you about as a result of I was born and that I did this once? Gwenn is produce a result it too."

I woke up.

Gwenn is my granddaughter, my daughter's preschooler. We are children of the Foretell Feminine Ultimate.

This is an appraise of Congeal Witchcraft and Torah Nistar.