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The First Celebration And Location Of Greek Independence Day

The First Celebration And Location Of Greek Independence Day
"It's been 176 lifetime what we notorious by act for the first time lawfully on Parade 25th the corner of 1821 in the thus Conurbation Place of worship of Athens, Saint Irene, placed along with the streets Aiolou and Athinas. Theodoros Kolokotronis was lower-level in the same church in 1843."

Parade 25, 2014

Parade 25th was notorious for the first time in 1838, as a remembrance day for the Greek Fighters of 1821, and what thus the celebration was introduced near pan-hellenism.

The transaction of the breakfast of Parade 25th is due to two people. One was the Warrior in 1821 who became Mayor of Athens, Dimitrios Kallifronas. The take notes was George Glarakis, Secretary of State for the Minster, Societal Foundation and the Back at the ranch, who had intentional to Ruler Otto to take up a act which would set Parade 25th as a public celebration.

The celebration began on the end of the day former with 21 handgun shots. The later day, Friday morning, the day of the Annunciation, Athens awoke to 21 self-important handgun shots, a metaphorical believe.

The morning of Parade 25, 1838 a doxology was chanted in the thus Conurbation Place of worship of Saint Irene, placed along with the streets Aiolou and Athinas. The doxology was attended by Otto who was civilized in a traditional foustanela.

In the end of the day existing was position by the Municipality dancing in the patio of the old Palace in which all the youthful of the municipal participated regardless of their sociable class, and abundant Fighters from 1821 attended. At night the Mayor illuminated with oil lanterns the main streets and the Acropolis.

It is supposed that the Athenians were not here startled taking into consideration they saw lanterns on Lykavettos held by the youthful of that time forming a intense weightless plot a route with the words: "In this conquer" ( ).

The first Conurbation Place of worship of Athens, the Minster of Saint Irene, is supposed to foothold been built from the remnants of seventy Complicated churches that were dead during the Bavarian responsibility.

Amongst the cause of the seat of the Greek decide from Nafplio to Athens, Saint Irene became the official place of worship of the channel. The restoration and put in of the church was undertaken in 1845 by the abundant architect Lysandros Kaftatzoglou. The follow was fulfilled in 1850.

The coming of age overhaul of Ruler Otto took place indoors in 1835, and in 1845 Theodoros Kolokotronis, the conqueror of 1821, was lower-level indoors, which is why later to it is Koloktronis Possibility. Contemporary are each historical accounts of that day. Ministers, the people of the spirit from Hermias Possibility (today's Ermou), came down and reached the aloof of Saint Irene. They followed the casket of Kolokotronis and his show jumper civilized in black.

In the same church existing took place in 1877 the burial of Constantine Kanaris, the admiral and participant of the corner of 1821. In the Consecrated Minster of Saint Irene Queen Amalia completed her act of contrition. Contemporary was each a doxology in this church for the Greek Build up, led by the Instructor of the Terra firma Neophytos Vamvas.

Translated by John Sanidopoulos.

Cosmos of the new Conurbation Place of worship of the Annunciation began on Christmas Day, 1842 with the laying of the cornerstone by Ruler Otto and Queen Amalia. Workers used throw stones at from 72 demolished churches to build the Cathedral's abnormal stockade. Three architects and 20 lifetime successive, it was supply. On May 21, 1862, the fulfilled Place of worship was devoted to the Annunciation of the Blood relation of God ( ) by the Ruler and Queen, to splinter group on the public breakfast day of Parade 25th. Heart are the tombs of two saints killed by the Ottoman Turks during the Ottoman period: Saint Philothei and Patriarch Gregory V.

Bottom is a video of the Minster of Saint Irene: