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Deste Cards

Deste Cards
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You can buy these cards or fairly use the ones on the internet.

Smyrna, in the appointment 1887. Katina is a Smyrnian girl, witty as well as unafraid. In the backwoods of Smyrna somewhere she lives, she makes an co-worker that inner self forever turn her life, and the way she sees things: Attart, a magical Turkish woman, who initiates her inwards the Design. Obstacles breakfast no longer place in the way of a witch, and Katina sets out to circle socially.

Suspicion potions, buyums, talismans and spells are proved unmistakeable, and Katina manages to request four husbands, one higher than the other, one better-off than the other. As she rises bonus and bonus socially, Katina merges in their businesses to a great degree take advantage of company, banks and tobacco task and diametrically manages to become the grandest dame of Smyrna.

Her writings, spells and her tools of the Design were found a hundred kick as soon as, in a fine old twig in the district in Agenia

Mara Meimaridis guides the reader nearly the world of the Witches: an oriental world of magic and mysteries, taking life and form in Smyrna of 1888.

"Deste" is the Turkish word for a "hillock" of cards - the good fortune momentous cards that Katina was entrusted with by the Elders in the Design - the Madas. And who is Katina? Who exceedingly if not the crucial heroine of "the Witches of Smyrna", Mara Meimaridis' best pusher. Katina was a on the dot and cunning girl who grew up in the backwoods of Smyrna and diametrically managed to statute self-important the local, its human resources and its company, using witchcraft to say "I do" four husbands, one wealthier than the other, one bonus powerful than the other. Being a witch, Katina had new to the job handy weapon in her hands, in the service of her ambitions. This weapon was Deste, the good fortune momentous cards of the Witches, that passed from mother to spawn in her tribe for self-important a thousand kick, until it came to her hands. "I recycled the cards of Deste to make way for my ambitions and my dreams" she recycled to say. "I intricate to know, I interminably intricate to know what to invite. If I know what is coming afterward I shall know how to act."

The reader inner self consider that these cards are diverse any others he authority breakfast seen so far. Colours of the Take to, elements from Breakables, India, Egyrt as well as of the Persian cultures breakfast gone their sticker on "Deste". It is a secret cold in costume and closets for bonus than a thousand kick, now brought inwards light.

Deste happen 65 cards in heartfelt, cleft in categories of figures, elements and symbols. The whole dependence is followed by a mythology, and the Witches breakfast their own. Despite the fact that their mythology is not extreme spread, dwell in that are reverberating in their tradition of the exterior breakfast crazed their place together with the Deste cards. The reader comes crossways tempting figures such as Tattaret, warrior princess and advanced of the Khans, the Sultan of Immature, and Munzour, the black Mare of Ebony that depicts the brightest spirit of Munzuria. One as well comes crossways symbols, such as the Broom which stands for spat and quarrel, or the Tree, that, life decent, is a sign of good health.

The book presents each card alone, analyzing the meanings, the symbolisms and the predictions. To boot, stage is a boom of one way to read the cards, conclusive in such a way that the reader, guided by the book, authority request his put the lid on steps inwards his bass and, from this time, his likelihood.

( Agenia vehicle Aegean And Smyrna is the Greek name of Izmir)

*whether reckon or not, i breakfast these cards, and i smts use the ones on the net, and today i put the lid on brand 9 cards from my own deste cards, and 3 from net.3 of the cards that i brand on the net is the incredibly cards as i brand on my own deste cards)