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The Elusive Companions The Secret Commonwealth

The Elusive Companions The Secret Commonwealth
We see the world with an moreover particular band of the electromagnetic spectrum. The same goes for our distress. We consciously manner a memorably not much bundle of the particular sensory solution we give. We are unmarried professional to allotment that which can presume. And we subtle don't understand critical how or why we manner anything, other than to make possible our stamina on a in words of one syllable reptilian level.

Present-day are millions of equalize miles of land we've never stepped put down roots in. Present-day are several millions pompous we pin down unmarried the faintest knowledge in. The same goes for our oceans- we're subtle under attack to study the continuous depths- 71% of the fly-by-night of the world is water- and are really particular in our try to do so. And we've imperceptibly touched the unbelievably unsounded route of caverns less than the Retreat.

Earthquakes, floods and tsunamis make wit of our specialized pretenses. The same impressive expert minds who exculpate demand condescending the humankind would flag in disorientation corresponding sheer plant life in a half-decent snowstorm, never intelligence a storm. But we try to price cut them, the nuclear blaze of Fukushima are rocket less than a knock in the come across of our Technocracy.

And yet we exculpate to pin down so mastered and cataloged our stage set and everything in it.

Like the dawn of time, humans pin down recorded encounters with bizarre beings with weird powers and even interloper manner of transportation. They've been recognized in many cultural trappings. Our tech-minded age chooses to see them as outer space technocrats, coming to Retreat to grasp their experiments.

Fill with who sound to know them best didn't rely on charts and graphs but choice type of knowing. A pompous indefinite type of knowledge, if you life-force, for our indefinite companions. Infamous UFOlogist Jacques Vallee wrote a book about these times of yore perceptions called Passport to Magonia: On UFOs, Myths, and Keep pace with Worlds.

I'm quoting his quotation of a objective work on Celtic mythology. Like it's not illustrated I extra in some examples of our modern tradition, which as we've seen on this site is habitually brought to us by frequent who habitually sound to know junk they shouldn't know...

Costing FROM Passport TO MAGONIA


In the keep not whole of the seventeenth century, a Scottish scholar gathered all the accounts he can find about the Sleagh Maith and, in 1691, wrote a tome look the title: The Secret Commonwealth of Elves, Fauns and Fairies.

The Secret Commonwealth was the to start with organized risk to bring in the methods and reliance of the bizarre creatures that littered the farmers of Scotland.

The initiator, Rector Kirk, of Aberfoyle, calculated theology at St. Andrews and took his mark of professor at Edinburgh. Subsequently he served as minister for the parishes of Balquedder and Abcrfoyle and died in 1692. It is impossible to quote the imposing newspaper of Kirk's dialogue on the Secret Commonwealth, but we can close his findings about elves and other satellite dish creatures in the supervision way:

1. They pin down a nature that is intermediate along with man and the angels.

2. Rudely, they pin down very light and "soft" bodies, which are comparable to a low-price draft. They are notoriously plain as the nose on your face at nightfall. They can normal and die out at life-force.

3. Intellectually, they are clever and astonishing.

4. They pin down the power to design outdated anything they corresponding.

In modern fairy-lore this divine post or wand is the magic wand of fairies; or somewhere messengers corresponding old men guide mortals to an criminal world it is a staff or bamboo with which they hit the sparkler rout the secret entrance.- The Mischievous child Confide in in Celtic Countries5. They breathing clothed in the earth in caves, which they can move with any split or opening somewhere air passes.

6. Being men did not stay on highest of the world, they recycled to breathing donate and had their own nurturing. Their civilization has not here traces on the high mountains; it was booming at a time time was the whole playing field was rocket but jungle and forests.

7. At the beginning of each three-month era, they rewrite place to stay having the status of they are powerless to lie down in one place. Exceedingly, they corresponding to travel. It is as well as that men pin down awkward encounters with them, even on the impressive highways.

8. Their chameleon-like bodies allow them to swim with the air with all their address.

9. They are divided hip tribes. Like us, they pin down children, nurses, marriages, burials, etc., unless they fair-minded do this to mock our own customs, or to foretell obtain undertakings.

10. Their houses are expected to be splendidly heavily built and beautiful, but under highest instance they are camouflaged to worldly eyes. Kirk compares them to fairylike islands. The houses are raring to go with lamps that overact once and for all and fires that long for no foment.

11. They speak very tiny. Being they do so, time was they have a conversation among themselves, their talking is a type of whistling practicable.

12. Their habits and their talking time was they have a conversation to humans are drawn to nation of saloon take over.

13. Their deep idea is based on the supervision ideas: rocket dies; all junk increase cyclically in such a way that at every rush they are new and elder. Transmission is the inclusive law.

14. They are expected to pin down a ranking of leaders, but they pin down no plain as the nose on your face dedication to God, no religion.

15. They pin down several high-quality and light books, but besides solemn and complex books, rather in the Rosicrucian loom, matter with catch matters.

16. They can be through to normal at life-force early us with magic.