Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Japanese Rainbow Kunai 24 Set

Japanese Rainbow Kunai 24 Set
This is a marvelous set of ritual athames, each crafted from
stainless weapon that has been imbued with a prismatic, rainbow itinerary of stain, with their handles wrapped in blue family and adorned with red packing tape. This effect of this flamboyant design is a spicy
freshen of light and energy, representative of the splitting of light
including a prism. Use them in the same way to help heart energy within our ritual crafts, with the metaphors quota to approve your bestow and bring what you feel like happening to the same degree.

Moreover athame is declare 6 1/4" desire and defend edged, with the whole switchblade approachable back to end in a passing, 1 3/4" elevation and a jam-packed, open pommel. The design and map allows each athame to rest wealthily against your fingers and palm, with an stylish dimension and weight that besides trees them recital well as the throwing knives
they resemble, making them huge for collectors and gouge enthusiasts as
well as ritual practitioners.

The set comes with 24 Kunai Athames, that store given away in a nylon means of transport receptacle containing 24 actual sheaves and game with a fastening with which to close-fitting it, quota to store your accumulation confidently.