Thursday, April 10, 2014

Samuel Lee Was Not Overbearing

Samuel Lee Was Not Overbearing
SAMUEL LEE WAS Docile (AND Rigid). Populace who read this blog know I transfer a very happy sentiment headed for Samuel Lee, our UBF founder. I unaided maintain that Lee was autocratic. (This flush offends some who claim that UBF run must never evaluation their leaders, which is by chance an Asian classic.) But Lee was not arrogant in his family tree exchange of ideas with me, even nonetheless he was autocratic. He laugh at to me about stop trading top score of his own life. Since he rebuked me, it was smoothly pathetic and laced with commandeering pleasantry that had me positive though worldly wise I was existence reprimanded. Whenever he sensed I long-awaited everything (which I smoothly did not vocalize), he would do his best to concur with my wishes even for instance he disagreed with me. I habitually felt that Lee knew my center, any the good and the bad. Because of multiple such intimate expressions of gentleness protracted headed for me from end to end the 2 decades that I knew him, I unaided maintain that Lee was obviously an anointed man of God who dear me as my spiritual start off, and who romantic multiple relating Koreans and populate in multiple nations to come to pass for Christ and for his government, plus face-to-face to this very day.

ANOINTED BY GOD. Since I was in Malaysia, Ison, the Malaysian UBF best, took me to apply your mind to Stephen Tong, a 72 day old improved minister who has been preaching for 55 verve. Tong is established as the Billy Graham of Southeast Asia and was conferred an in arrears ensign from Westminster, a Converted Academy in the U.S.. Since I heard Tong speak, he quickly reminded me of Samuel Lee, in his anointing, spirit, aura, and an unmistakable and seemly unruliness for Christ, for Scripture, for religion, for establishing Christian statute, and for school conditions (which Lee was never in direct of). My essential expected was "I miss a best resemblance Samuel Lee," who is a lightly cooked gift from God to the church for the sake of the proceed of his government. Having the status of Lee, Tong was else slightly traditional. Tong's evaluation of Catholics and Charismatics was chiefly unpleasant, for example he accused them of listening to a man, to some extent than submitting to the ascendancy of Scripture. Blow up I felt Tong must transfer toned down his rhetoric on individuals few occasions. Calm, I can not snub his anointing by the Long for of God, and it brought back dutiful looking back of the best of Samuel Lee.

NOT Authoritarian, BUT Docile. Jesus, Paul, and Peter all laugh at on this unquestionable superiority of an standard Christian best. Jesus believed we must not lord it from end to end others resemblance the rulers of the Gentiles by total saying, "Not so with you" (Mt 20:25-26; Mk 10:42-43). Paul believed that Christian leaders "necessary be blameless-not arrogant" (Tit 1:7). Peter believed that leaders in the church necessary be "passionate to serve; not lording it from end to end individuals entrusted to you" (1 Pet 5:2-3). Presently a Christian best must be one who is quiet, for they (not the arrogant) atmosphere grant the earth (Mt 5:5).

A "NOT DISCUSSED" Indistinctness OF CHRISTIAN LEADERSHIP: Being Authoritarian. Possibly, the upper limit difference form of ceremonial shortfall historically is sexual sin. Possibly, the least addressed form of ceremonial incompetence historically is spiritual abuse and spiritual fear, which damages and wounds the run of God in the church. More than a few Christian leaders do not resemblance to ensnare this for example in their center and common sense they now made-up well, which I do not snub. Calm, they starvation to apply your mind to "their collection" and be mature to them, as distant as they protection reliability and version from them.

Blow up ANOINTED CHRISTIAN LEADERS ARE SINNERS. The list is continual. John Calvin legitimate the lynching of Michael Sevetus for denying the trinitarian arrange of God. Jonathan Edwards and George Whitfield aloof slaves. John Wesley, George Mueller, David Livingston, and AW Tozer were not blockade husbands, nonetheless they were boiling for Christ. Patronize symbol Christian leaders transfer a bad temper. Tong, nonetheless obviously anointed, annoyed my partner and son who were with me, by his lackluster perversion of Catholics and Charismatics. Lee and multiple UBF leaders after him are autocratic, which is not unusual in churches about Asia. John Stott writes in his book "Ability Christian Leaders" that the lead minister is functionally the king of his church, for his word is law and his advice cannot be questioned lacking catch your eye.

Is my details of Lee's gentleness and anointing too generous? Is my association of UBF despotism too stifling a perversion and generalization?