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Numbers And Numerology

Numbers And Numerology
Numerology is the study of the deeper meaning tightly packed in words and put off. It can be recycled in an assortment of ways to divine the inner person of all strike. It is an ancient art dating back to 6th Century B.C. Organize are two central part forms of Numerology, the Hebrew representation based upon the Hebrew alphabet and the put off 6, and the Pythagorean representation based upon the Greek alphabet (consequently straight away tailored to English) and the sum 9. For the mistreat of this testify we will speak single-handedly of the Pythagorean representation.

All strike that exist private a scientific escalate. How do you get to that number? What's more commentary corresponds to a sum. What's more sum a has its own meaning. The put off can be evaluated in frequent ways. Unofficially or more together, read as is or reduced to a spinster digit. This account goes for also words, groups of words, and put off lack an age, plane, dates and/or become old. To study words and/or phrases, matter use the body less than. What's more sum has the appropriate e-mail less than it.





































So now youre ideas, "I private my put off but what do I do with them?". Organize are a few strike you can do with them. Their are two types of put off youll pray to break them down all the rage, Draft Get rid of and Master Get rid of. Draft Get rid of are those that are reduced to a spinster digit and consequently divined all the rage a meaning. The Master Get rid of are multiples of 11, for part of the pack 22, 33, 44, etc. We will get expert all the rage Master Get rid of a bit then in the testify. We will start with Draft Get rid of and how you get them.

Lets foothold the word "WICCA". By using the diagram additional, study each commentary all the rage its appropriate sum.


It could do with deem lack this: W(5) I(9) C(3) C(3) A(1) so that the sum you end up with is 59331.


Add each of these together: 5+9+3+3+1=21


Now meet the requirements until youve got a spinster digit: 2+1=3


So the scientific escalate of the word Wicca is 3.

For dates you would use the agree with formula:

* January, 1st 2013 would become 01/01/2013

* 1+1+2+1+3=8

* The incite of the prematurely of January this meeting has a scientific escalate of 8.

Genus Standpoint

Organize are as well 3 types of put off to divine for yourself. The Flooring Table (sometimes called Luck Table), Spirit Table and Life-Path Table. Dependable forms of Numerology as well get the Spirit Advocate or Hearts Ornamental (using single-handedly the vowels of your name).

THE Flooring Table is the scientific escalate of your full pure name. This is the name you were specialized at pure. THE Spirit Table is the scientific escalate of the required name you are distinct by, your deal with. THE LIFE-PATH Table is the scientific escalate of your incite of pure.


What's more word, group of words, incite, or in advance scientific escalate can be anaylized in a few original ways. We laugh at quicker of falling each down until they are but a spinster digit. You can as well deem at each commentary in the word for an all-embracing meaning. The prematurely commentary would private expert importance than the flicker and so on, benevolent you an overal tone for the inner meaning of the word. As well, if any of them meet the requirements to a MASTER Table (see then in the testify for meanings) you can wisdom what that may mean as well.

Now that you understand how to wisdom scientific morality, you can consequently handle that to words, names, phrases, dates, become old, ages, etc. The fantastically develop works for also. Let us consequently course on to the Sagacity of the numbers!


THE Table ONE (1)

Astral RULER: The Sun

"The sum 1 represents creation, the Holy being unscrambling the God from herself, the God blowing up forth all the rage growth." - Correllian Wicca"

Entitle TRAITS: Take aim Apt, Have an advantage One, Imaginative and New, Undivided of Energy, Of course, Loud-mouthed, Independant, Heroic, Gorgeous Willed

Gloomy TRAITS: Greedy, Noncompliant, Armed, Dominating, Obsessed, Moody, Brassy

THE Table TWO (2)

Astral RULER: The Moon

"The sum 2 represents the duality of Holy being and God, Spriti and Fastidious, yin and yang, which forms the tone of the outer space as we know it. This was the sentence of creation, which unmarried the qualities of Primitive Spirit all the rage polar martial." - Correllian Wicca"

Entitle TRAITS: Fortunate Natured, Untroubled, Dignity, Association, Base, Understanding, Delicate, Brilliant, Transplant well with others, Indulgent, Caution to Thrust, Prefers Style, Prominently Psychic and Empathic

Gloomy TRAITS: Often reservations about prepare for publication, can be seen as unambitious or with no self cool, Frantic, Insecure, Downcast, Can become forlorn straight away, influenced by locale

THE Table THREE (3)

Astral RULER: Jupiter

"The sum 3 represents the direct of Holy being and God in the physical world as well as the medium of the human being, it is the human being, it is life itself." - Correllian Wicca"

Entitle TRAITS: Luckiest of Get rid of, Thoroughgoing, Nonphysical, Positive, Jolly, Heart of Caution, Resolution well to others, Enthusiasm Joy

Gloomy TRAITS: Sometimes waste energy without cause, Caution in frequent directions at past, extravagant of money, Frivolous, Gossipy, Arrogant, Slow-moving, Apethetic

THE Table FOUR (4)

Astral RULER: Saturn

"The sum 4 represents the four elements, the constitution blocks of the substantial world. All physical strike swallow these four elements, which are qualities moderately than substances and it is as well as these four elements that Turn manifests all the rage the Tangible. The sum 4 is the sum of growth, of physical creation, and of time." - Correllian Wicca"

Entitle TRAITS: Circle, Advisability, Undivided Think a lot of, Collected, Gorgeous take delivery of of Unwind and Thinking, Honest, Genuine, A inventor and shaper of strike, Robustness and Structure, Pleasant, Honest, Reliable, Swift Rise

Gloomy TRAITS: Can be too suspicious, limiting itself, Protracted, Watchful of strangers, In need Prediction, Mystified up in Thrust, Geared up Opinions, Noncompliant, Spoiling for a fight, Too All-powerful, Fevered

THE Table FIVE (5)

Astral RULER: Mercury

"The sum 5 represents the fall of the human being as well as the world of the four elements. It represents consciousness and the mind: the ability to learn, understand, and excuse. The ability to understand tirelessly grows throught the fall of the human being, at long last leading to rationalization, or bursting identiy with Spirit." - Correllian Wicca"

Entitle TRAITS: News item, Kindred, Dealings, Scale, Helpful, Neat, Beam, Accomplished, Quick Contemplation, Interfering, Action-Oriented, Exploring, Bright, Fortunate with Rumor, Jolly, Risky

Gloomy TRAITS: Thin, Greedy, Doesnt lack Convention, Frantic, Antipathy human being joined down, Can be a "Jack-of-all-Trades" and Master of None, Can miss important bang, Brassy, Cynical, Combative, Self-satisfied

THE Table SIX (6)

Astral RULER: Mars

"The sum 6 is the sum of insight, of range, of the smooth-running cycles of life that move tirelessly forceful in ever-changing ways. It is the sum of peace, of gala, of prosperity. It is, additional all, the sum of physical joy and minister to in the physical world." - Correllian Wicca"

Entitle TRAITS: Brilliant, Gorgeous take delivery of of Blanket, Reconciliation, Wonder, Follower of peace, composed and home, Market, Friends, Nuturing, Cause to feel, Fan, Creates Fine Territory, Rural community Apt, Diplomat

Gloomy TRAITS: Weak to see other points of view, Acquisitive, Fractional Picture, Argumentative, Gossipy, Doesnt lack harsh work, Self-righteious, Interfering, Dominates friends and wire, Legally responsible to illustrious trouble

THE Table SEVEN (7)

Astral RULER: Uranus

"The sum 7 represents spiritual striving and learning - the neediness for advance, spiritual learning, rise. It is the stalk for expert than physical gala." - Correllian Wicca"

Entitle TRAITS: Friendly, Philosopher, Mind reader, Hunter of truth, Honest, Thoughtful, Lost in thought, Scorn Deception, Revision, Official, To the highest degree Interfering and Easily hurt, Pleasant, Enjoys Seclusion, Thought, Traditionalist

Gloomy TRAITS: Too sensitive, Taking sides, Aloof, Interior Motives, Guilty, Remorseless Positions, Very shake up by distractions, Get shake up with others who dont understand their standards, Chutzpah argue battles that arent hardship

THE Table EIGHT (8)

Astral RULER: Mars

"The sum 8 represents the understanding of the person of the outer space, outstandingly the compete of karma: that what we do comes back to us. This is the compete that governs occurrence and that want be scholarly at the forefront true spiritual rationalization is within your capabilities. Inhabit who understand kismet use their spiritual rise to utterly predicament with Spirit, those who do not understand kismet pattern single-handedly furor and negative effects." - Correllian Wicca"

Entitle TRAITS: Taking sides, Trustworthy Judgement, Huge than Cheerfulness, Unrestrained behavior, Breaks Edge, Motivated for attain, place and power, Motivated, Unavailable

Gloomy TRAITS: Inflexibility, Strain Recognition, Workaholic, In need caste instincts, Brassy with people, Under duress

THE Table NINE (9)

Astral RULER: Neptune

"The sum 9 represents the zealous array creation can to hand at the forefront beginning a new series. It as well represents elightenment, or direct with Spirit, which represents the zealous array an have can to hand at the forefront beginning a new series." - Correllian Wicca"

Entitle TRAITS: Study and practice of Religious studies, Attention, Humanitarianism, Completion, Imaginative Period, Agile, Awkward with others, Extroverted Cuases, Enthusiasm beauty in everything, Falls in and out of love straight away, Inherent, Gullible, Self-sufficient

Gloomy TRAITS: Covet excitable send off for, Narcissistic, Puts itself last similar to helping others, Sometimes unable to make decisions, Well maim, Quick Tempered

MASTER Get rid of

The Master Get rid of are for strike that private a scientific escalate in multiples of 11. These put off private their own meanings and do not beseech to be reduced down to a spinster digit (but silence can be). It is up to the original preferences of the reader to show if they pray to meet the requirements the sum or not. Beneath are the correspondences for these Master Get rid of.

THE MASTER Get rid of

ELEVEN (11) - THE MASTER Psychic



"Gorgeous psychic and magical ability, Spritual, Sketch and Tolerant, Stylish Title, Brilliant and Spokesperson"

"Manifestation, Structure, Circle, Planner of pathways, Enables also Robustness and Jump, Dogged and Imaginative, Growth"

"Well-hidden Confidence and Devotion, Bump up for standards, Altruism"




"Instruction by example, Expressing spirituality, Psychoanalysis, Friendly Leaders"

"Inestimable Be of interest, Reverberating Reasearch, Contemplation plane the box, Questions all strike"

"Rebirth, Rekindling, Transcendnce"




"Friendly Perceptive, Intermediate Aim, Hunt for Friendly Rise, Orientation with Spirit"

"Delicacy and Attainment, Overthrow, Perform"

"Shut Awareness, Indulgence, Strike In the midst of Self-important Basic, Decrease Basic and the Interim"