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"The Enochian Idea of Dr. John Dee" (ed. Gfrey James) is the
typical and limit uncontaminated circulation of Dee's magical notebooks ever
to be published. It contains a uncontaminated mode of Resurrection Inscrutability,
on all sides of Cosmological spirits, Zodiacial spirits, and the spirits of
the Four Farmhouse as well as Dee's legendary 48 Blissful Keys
transliterated simply as they gain recognition in Dee's manuscripts, with
accents on the Enochian vowels, and with the English in the ancient
Elizabethan. The book includes all of Dee's principal magical writings,
his private grimoires, with an introduction and appendices which
supply customs and scholarship suggestions in the practice of Enochian

The behindhand exerpt is from Postscript A -- "The Custom of Enochian

At hand are no metaphors in Dee's current diaries of actual
Enochian evocation rituals, a fact that has led some scholars to
comprehensive that he never attempted the magic. The place, however,
of artifacts such as the wax sigils of Aemeth in the British museum
presage that Dee, at the very smallest, constructed some of the
strap equipment. In append, Dee compiled Sloane MSS 3191 (the
first distinctly for this book
) to be a working records of
conjurations for use in magical ceremonies. Time it is realizable
that Dee never went before with the experiments, it is far mega
physical that he recorded the measures in a all-embracing set down that has not
survived. Dee was a rabid diarist, and shy at smallest three
connected diaries by means of the change that he was working with Kelly,
each set down shield a dissimilar aspect of his life. It would be well
in symbol for Dee to originate a special set down for the practice of
the "high-tech truths" that he had sought for so many years.

At hand are many clues that facilitate in uncovering of the operative
portions of this profound balance on of magical lore. Sloane MSS 3191, for
mold, delineates the portions of Enochian evocation that Dee
bother were limit essential. Unconventional clues are scattered at some stage in
the remaining diaries. Dee describes many scyring sessions, and it
is not probable that the Enochian rituals differed very to a great extent from
natives he capable with his scryers. In append, many passages from
the scrying sessions contain hints and guidelines voguish
Enochian evocation. Original dripping distinctly of information is the
remains of magical literature that was secured to Dee and Kelly. The
effect of Agrippa, for mold, upon Dee's thoughtful survey is
overall, and many aspect of Enochian evocation are subject upon the
worldview of the recovery Magi. Also, Kelly's collusion in black
magic indicates capability from other magical texts. Once upon a time all these
sources of information are gathered together, a coherent picture
emerges of the practice of Enochian evocation.

Enochian rituals were capable by two civilization, a Magus and a Scryer.
The Magus chanted the conjurations, passionate the Angels (by the
power of the names of God
) to gain recognition within the crystal stone. The
Scyrer gazed voguish the crystal and germane his visions. The Magus
doubled as score, verification the visions and the have a disagreement of the

Each Scryer and Magus were expected to lead holy lives (at smallest
point in time practicing the magic
), to breed fidelity and reserve, and to
at once from the practice of black magic. During the ceremonies,
all were civilized in white linen robes, and the magus wore a magical
ring with a gold loving (as made known in Understand Two, Repayment Two). Unconventional
recovery magical texts evoke that the Magus wear a award and
operate a magical wand and/or sword, but none of these are mentioned in
Dee's work.

Preceding practicing Enochian evocation, the Magus and Scryer to be found
and/or constructed the behindhand items:

1. A crystal bullet. This was handled barely by the magus or the
scryer. Dee's was moderately microscopic, about two inches in diameter.

2. A rotund wax keep out, 9 inches in diameter and 1.5 inches
hefty, adorned on the head start with the Sigil of Aemeth and on the
back with a problematical. These designs are made known in Understand Two. The foundation
of the head start was hollowed out definitely, so that the crystal bullet
may perhaps speedily be positioned on top of the Sigil.

3. Four wax prescription, about 4 inches in diameter, uniformly

4. A red silk "rug", two yards quadrangle.

5. A red silk scarf, about 1.5 yards quadrangle, with tassles at
each bend.

6. A dignitary constructed of "musical copse" (cedar?) a factory (two cubits)
quadrangle, with yard-long legs. What's more leg above with a impress
turn round, definitely mega than 4 inches on the meeting place diameter and
about.5 inches hefty. The basic framework of this dignitary is made known in
Understand Two; like of its low pick up, two artificial stools were credibly
in addition essential. A set of exaggerate sigils were to be painted in
tawny oils on the top face of the dignitary. The hardheaded of these
sigils is too self-conscious to be reproduced in this intensity, but can be
found in The Narrow Bond, involving the Opening and the first book,
on the page labeled "The Sanctified Prepare".

7. Twelve banners or garland each overstated with a name of God as
as made known in Understand Five, Repayment Three.

This equipment was gel voguish a temple wherever Enochian evocation
may perhaps be capable. This may take been certain to be in the open
air moderately than within a construction, as impart are no metaphors of
candles or torches. Plus, the magical circle specifies
"Terra" (Set down), which may or may not take been certain

The temple was constructed in the behindhand manner:

1. The place of working was inside by a circle as made known in Understand
Five, Repayment Three. The banners were propped at the circle's edge.

2. The red silk rug was laid in the foundation of the circle.

3. The four microscopic wax prescription were gel in a quadrangle style in
the foundation of the silk rug, 1 factory quadrangle.

4. The dignitary was dead even upon the wax prescription, so that the impress
cylinders at the end of the dignitary legs overlapped them.

5. The impressive wax keep out was positioned on the foundation of the dignitary.

6. The silk scarf was draped refined the dignitary, shield the
impressive wax keep out, so that the tassles dangled more or less to the stymie.

7. The crystal was laid on top of the scarf, dead even on the
gain in the wax keep out.

The Magus was advantageous to take a book in which prayers and
conjurations were recorded for use within the temple. For the
uncontaminated practice of Enochian evocation, it credibly would take had
the behindhand contents:

Measurements ONE: PRAYERS

The Confer to God -- as made known in Understand Two, Repayment Five.

The Prayer of Enoch -- as made known in Understand One, Repayment Two.

The Fundemental Obesance -- as made known in Understand Five, Repayment Four.


The Heptarchic Conjurations -- formed by inserting the solid
attributes of the each Ruler and Prince (as made known in Understand Two, Repayment
) with the imprecise conjuration (as made known in Understand Two,
Repayment Six

The Angelical Keys -- as made known in Understand Three. These were to be
written in all Angelical and English. Pick up that the decisive key was to
be recurring 30 era, with the third word distorted to presage the
Aire self worked. In Sloane MSS 3191, the compound Aires are knock back
in the depository. The inimitable names of the Aires are unmovable in Understand
Four, Profile Four.

The Invitations to the Angels of the Farmhouse -- as made known in Understand
Five, Chapters Five before Thirteen.

The ordering of Dee's workbooks suggests that he certain a specified
cross-semination of the former (Heptarchic) and later (Angelical)
systems. In any case, the magical book is described in Dee's diaries
as consisting "first of the invocation of the names of God and twinkling
of the invocation of the Angels, by the names of God
" -- an ordering
is sealed in the inside bigger.

Pick up that, altered other recovery magical systems, Enochian
evocation does not tally a "Discharge" or "Pitch to Inspect", a
conjuration designed to send a spirit back to its mother country place.
Dee visibly felt this to be unneccessary, although limit recovery
Magi would take unhurried this glide insecure.

Enochian evocation was believed to summon three allied
hierarchies of angels:

1. The Heptarchical Royalty -- who were believed to administer "all
terrestrial endeavors
", and "fall apart of the incentive of the Come to nothing". One
fabricated them to state "knowledge of God rigorously, the release and
occupation of His Angels benevolently, and the beginning and deduction of
Charm immensely
". These angels were based upon the 7 planets
and the 7 days of the week.

2. The Angels of the Aires -- who were believed to regulate refined the
compound countries of the earth. One fabricated them to "undermine whole
countries deteriorating armies
", to "get the desire of all the (whatsoever)
", and to "know the secret pickings of the waters, and the
murky caves of the earth
". These angels were based on the 12
houses of the Zodiac and the 30 Aires, which were visibly
subdivisions of the "flip of stars" in which the "significant stars" were
believed to inhabit.

3. The Angels of the Farmhouse -- who were believed to take been
"put onto the earth so that the Devil's jealous incentive may perhaps be
bridled, the determinations of God all-embracing, and his creatures shy
and sealed
". One fabricated them to state a way of semi-divine
powers and capabilities. These Angels were based upon the 4 Elements
and the 4 compass points.

So Enochian evocation consisted of a uncontaminated panoply of magical
art, shield cosmological, zodiacal, and elemental operations, and
alleged to respect hundreds of named and thousands of anonymous Blissful
creatures. Because of the depth of these Blissful hierarchies, I
shall wonder each in rehearse...

(The appendix continues, lithe solid account of the holy
hierarchies, budding reconstructions of Enochian talismans, a
trade of Enochian script never to the fore published, and the ordering
of the days for the practice of Enochian evocation magic.)

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