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Sanctuary OF RIDDLES


1. The frontier incise is 250.
2. You organize to group the taking into account 12 treasures: Tiara, Ribbon, Sculpture, Pot, Similarity, Build, Painting, Rectangle, Fix, Period, MINK, Lump.
3. You organize to accomplish 6 riddles to decipher the final password; make a mention of your answers in the order you compensation them.
4. You must not use your kerosene lamp unnecessarily, as existing is basically passable power to utter the dance.

You start south of the Wizard's Sanctuary, which stands on a foothill manager a huge forest to the south. Go NW (to the west of the refuge), W (lost in stupid forest), W (unembellished soil in forest - see a ponderous gold coin), Have Build, E (aimless lost in a stupid forest), U (to top of tree), D (south of refuge), NW (west of refuge), NE (north of refuge - see a minimal hole in refuge wall), S (to storeroom - see a minimal armory kerosene lamp), Have Storm lantern, N, SE, SW, ON (kerosene lamp), N (as you go north a portcullis crashed down fluff you). You are now in a protect room in which "SOS" is impossible to make out on the wall - time was you type SOS at any of the locations in which existing are "dots and dashes" you specter be returned to south of the refuge.
N (mess of white rooms), OFF (kerosene lamp, it is now gush black but you can now see a brilliant indicator pointing northeast), ON (kerosene lamp), NE, OFF, ON, N, OFF, ON, SE (now in a bawdy affected ante room), N (a portcullis crashes down defensive the road back to the south - you are in a huge open courtyard with three sphere-shaped exits each with a shroud of flashing light, and ladder to the northwest; you can see the Penetrating of Emphasis which is out of touch).
W (undeviating a flashing light to an slot), NE (wishing well - mention what sign says, also see a three-foot crave black metal rod with a hole in one end), Have ROD, Cage Build (featuring in well, you can recover the coin past - see a secret off-ramp to the north is revealed), N (mention dots and dashes), Intermission (until a keep up is at the south end of the fix), N (keep up shambles northeast, you are at the south end of the fix), NE (windy excerpt), NW (keep up is at south end of fix, and you are at the north end), N, D (bear's bedroom), Have CAN (of red pattern), SW, NW (quadrangle room of absolute kernel - to the north is an off-ramp which pulses red and run down with a dim sign displaying a riddle - "While gets wetter as it dries?") say Sarcastic (the north off-ramp emits a loud show and the sign says you may paddock), Have Mechanism, N (quadrangle room of absolute kernel - a sign says "Whereas Nancy Etticoat, with a white slip and a red rifle, the longer she stands the shorter she grows), say CANDLE, Have Consider (entitled "Threatening Stories for Whereas Bears"), Have Tiara, S, S (north threshold), Cage Consider (the brief keep up grabs it, sees the last name and runs off), S, S, NE (windy excerpt), Have Ribbon, NW, N, NW, N, N (ponderous sitting room), SIT (in big control - too movingly), SIT (in being control - too dwindling), SIT (in minimal control which is basically bang but your weight breaks it to reveal a hole base), D (tiny error), Have Sculpture, DIG (earth collapses but the rod (if carried) holds the blind up and you are now south of the refuge).
N (protect room), N, NE, N, SE, N (courtyard - a display asks if you are obliging to assume the Penetrating of Emphasis yet), NO, OFF, Reduce Sculpture, Reduce Ribbon, Reduce Tiara, Blunt CAN (of red pattern), ON, N (slot), N (overwhelming fix of destine - see the edge "G"), W (see the edge "L"), W (see the edge "O"), W (see the edge "O"), W (see the edge "P" and a mirror on the west wall in which you see a creature fluff you), Cage CAN (the creature thinks the red pattern is blood, swallows it, chokes and disappears), S, S, S, Have BOX (which begins to mosquito), W, W, W, RUB Act out (a suitably gap appears), N (low humid affected cave with dots and dashes on defeat - also see a darling Ming Pot), Have Pot, W (band of well - see your gold coin and a affected bucket), Have Build, Have Container (it is abandoned), Have Container (unmoving abandoned), Have Container (this time is comes free of the mud).
E, NE (quadrangle room of absolute kernel - the sign says, "While does each one overlook?"), say Cause, N (see a film and a sign saying "A aesthetic man has and wishes supercilious of, a fat man has and doesn't want, a imperfect man wishes and can't get?"), say POUNDS, Have Similarity, N (base of permeate windy set of steps), U (collect a baying fanatical), U, E (threadlike ledge manager forest), Onset (the mechanism enables you to land soundly but it is in shreds - it starts raining), U (to top of tree), D (to payment - minimal yacht to the north), N (featuring in yacht further on it drifts old hat - see a shield), OFF (kerosene lamp), Reduce Mechanism, Have Lump, Intermission (if hardship, until you are warned the yacht is lagging with water), BAIL Aircraft (be short of bucket, rain stops and the meander blows you to south of the refuge), Reduce Lump, N, ON (kerosene lamp - now back in protect room), N, NE, N, SE, N (courtyard), NO, OFF (kerosene lamp), Reduce Similarity, Reduce Build, Reduce Pot, Reduce Container, ON (kerosene lamp), E (slot), E (mess of jet black passages [*]), N, E, Have Carcass (it starts to mosquito), NW, N, Have Painting, N, NE, W (minimal cylindrical classify marked "mess off-ramp"), say RAINBOW (beside yourself to south of a threshold marked "Danger! Giant's Knife-like Porch. Control with Conscientiousness"), N, NW, NE, SE, NE, NW, SW, Reduce BOX, Reduce Carcass, NW, NE, NE (quadrangle kernel room - a sign says "Lives in Wintry weather, Dies in Summer and grows with its roots upwards".), say ICICLE, N (see a parallelogram and a sign which says "The beginning of infinity, the end of time and space".), say the edge E (have to now collect a loud secure), Have Rectangle, S, S (murder terrace - the giants organize been frightened off by the exploding), SE, SW (see pieces of remains, a darling earliest stretch and a darling jewelled hold down), Have Period, Have Fix, NW, SW (see a mink wrap), Have Scarf, NE, NE, NE, N, N, U (sanctuary of ladder to landing), E (ready far manager south imminent of refuge), OFF (kerosene lamp), Onset (you land on the shield you have to organize to be found give or take a few more rapidly), Have Lump.
N (protect room), ON (kerosene lamp), N, NE, N, SE, N (courtyard), NO, OFF, U, ON (kerosene lamp - see a vaulted stone cave and wall steady), GLOOP (the kind found in the overwhelming fix of destine - the steady opens), W (featuring in the steady, this is in which you upset the raw materials), Reduce Scarf, E, OFF (kerosene lamp), N (a fine squeeze falls again you and your raw materials and you steadiness invigorated - the kerosene lamp tingles (must be turned off) and the mangled shield is restored to its long-standing disarray, as you are in the room containing "Ye Olde Attractively of Childhood" - do not bring the mink wrap featuring in this site), S, ON (kerosene lamp), W, Reduce Lump, Reduce Period, Reduce Fix, Reduce Painting, Reduce Rectangle, E, D (courtyard), NO, Have Pot, Have Build, Have Similarity, Have Ribbon, Have Tiara, Have Sculpture, U, W (featuring in steady), Reduce Pot, Reduce Build, Reduce Similarity, Reduce Ribbon, Reduce Tiara, Reduce Sculpture.
E, D (courtyard), say YES (as you organize now deposited all the raw materials in the steady you are told you are excellent but opening you must say the password which is ready up of the opening kind of the answers to the riddles in the order you answered them), say TCNPIE to see the final congratulatory communication.

[*] To map the mess of jet black passages you wave the rod which emits a ferment of queer coloured fumes in each room. The colours are live in of the rainbow in the order of the spectrum (red, tawny, yellow, green, run down, sapphire, lavender), except you specter lose your rod digging out of the room base the bear's control and so you may organize to map this mess opening of all. Use SOS at the locations in which existing are dots and dashes to assume you south of the refuge.
Major by Barbara Gibb