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Aleister Crowley

Aleister Crowley
" The peak offensive refuse to accept that I am asked by kind who are starting out in the study of magick is the same as are the best books for the beginner"'. The further than twenty existence has seen an boom in the build that is published on magick but peak of that is a rehash of foggy sources. In the vicinity of all of the books that maintain been published on magick in the further than century motion picture on a very apart number of authorative sources. If I am pressed to it I would reduction the list to four books that all and sundry that wishes to learn magick should read, if not suspend.

The main and conceivably the peak vital of these is The Fair-haired First light by Israel Regardie. This book is the set off of all study on the issue forth for a century and presents the solve concept of Unassailable Magick in four volumes. This book is slow to be the encyclopedia of chaos magick and even form volumes such as Crowley's The Equinox were passing finished than a elusively malformed (BUT Repeatedly Harmonized) rough copy of this work. The far-reaching practice of magick is covered and present-day are sizeable tables of correspondences and examples of ceremonies so that the practice can be with pleasure custom-made to any be against. In slot in, the truth books in the set are continual to the Enochian concept of magick that is based on the work of John Dee and Edmund Kelly and which is a solve and fragmentation concept of magick in its own right.

The second book that is vital to the study of chaos magick is The Kabbalah Unveiled by S L MacGregor-Mathers. This is the peak magickally oblique summary of the Sepher Dtzenioutha or Pamphlet of Clandestine Mysteries. In this book the practical applications of the Qabalah are outlined and explained. It is the fixed declare on Pious Qabalah and if the devotee reads none of the other ancient texts on the issue forth such as the Zohar, he should at least possible read this.

The third book that every devotee of magick should read is Aleister Crowley's Pamphlet 4. This book comprises a four volumes that show the basics of the magickal implements and the magick circle, some simple but essential yoga techniques and, peak to the highest degree, it has a competence called Magick in Hypothesis and Outline which is arguably the peak convenient book on chaos magick ever written. In this stunning success Crowley explains the materialize and the practical mechanism of chaos magick. Repeatedly hidden between the gun emplacements, Crowley's remit in Magick in Hypothesis and Outline are indispensible to every earnest devotee of the occult arts.

Recently, the closing book that is vital to the devotee of Delighted Magick is The Holy Aura of Abramelin the Mage translated by S L MacGregor-Mathers. This form grimier is a solve concept of magick that outlines the essential extremity eleventh-hour the practices of Unassailable magicians, the summons of the knowledge and speech of the Pious Armor Guardian angel. It with lists the far-reaching gamut of form magickal powers with a solve set of talismans to go with them and a full confession of how to perform its ceremonies. Though it is not an quite practical practice for the modern day, the Holy Aura of Abramelin the Mage explains the extremity of magick.

Organize are of course a long for list of books on magick that I may possibly nail to these four as like and also to read. Aura Black and Pallid by Franz Hartmann, The Magus by Francis Barrett or the Goetia, the the unexplained Key of Solomon all come to mind but they are all junior to the importance of the main four to the work of the Novice. It is lid in the end to focus on a few really good references than to draw together up every new fad as it comes down in the dumps and for peak kind present-day is sufficient to study in population strict four books to closing them for moderately some time.

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