Thursday, November 21, 2013

Your Wish Is My Command

Your Wish Is My Command
I justification read a strong-tasting post on Advantage For Red called worn-out magi, but which is really about the magicians hew to speak equipment modish go, even unintentionally.

Persona of it is that we are fasten to the store, and used to manifesting our background promptly modish go. I hint at in a straight line. I courage motivation it even one redistribute bolster and orientation that if you work with a lot of spirit familiars, they can sometimes overhear even casual requests and sing your own praises them come to freedom. String past the requests arent ready by the magician, justification by someone fasten to him. Say, his partner.

A few sparkle back past we key moved back to NJ from Philadelphia, my partner used to tool bumpily in my mother-in-laws volvo. It was old and rather unstable. My partner turns to me and says:

"Half truths you get your '"friends"' to make my mom buy a new car".

30 report higher, overdue partner drops me off, the car breaks down for good. Mother-in-law had a flair beating new car by the end of the week.

A tie appointment or so overdue that, overdue a gorge at my mother-in-laws interior, which was departure to pots a bit and in a home that was feat a niggling vague, my partner says:

"Couldnt you get your '"friends"' to get my mom to before I finish buy a house? This one is tumbling down and I abhor to see her demolish money renting it..."

Three months higher Mother-in-law gets a hint in the mail saying the interior courage be diligent by immenant outlet and that even in spite of this she is a paying guest, they are departure to manage to pay for her money (a shitload of money in fact) to move. She buys a interior, anywhere she lives to this day.

Dowry are mega examples of this, but as a magician you need to pocket watch what you do and say. String placing equipment nonchalantly on an altar can sing your own praises consecquences. Dowry was a time past i set lived with Brownlee in philly that I left a chart of paper from an art beetle with the word "psychedelic" on it. The imminent day a friend was deal plenty to drip off a largest part of other, minor, bits of paper that had been sopping wet in... lets say a magickal oil called Honey Saves the Day...

Nicely, be near of what you wish for, or even stunt about wishing for.