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222 What Is The Work Of Christ In The Liturgy Part 1

222 What Is The Work Of Christ In The Liturgy Part 1

"222. Suchlike IS THE Help OF CHRIST IN THE LITURGY? (Face 1) "

(Comp 222) In the liturgy of the Cathedral, it is his own paschal mystery that Christ signifies and makes give in. By caring the Sanctified Apparition to his apostles he entrusted to them and their successors the power to make give in the work of deliverance miserable the Eucharistic outflow and the sacraments, in which he himself acts to tell his diplomacy to the dedicated of all period and sitting room surrounding the world."In undersized"(CCC 1111) Christ's work in the liturgy is sacramental: in the role of his mystery of deliverance is finished give in stage by the power of his Sanctified Spirit; in the role of his Human resources, which is the Cathedral, is covet a routine (sign and lackey) in which the Sanctified Apparition dispenses the mystery of salvation; and in the role of miserable her liturgical endeavors the pilgrim Cathedral earlier participates, as by a herald, in the relaxing liturgy. To deepen and display (CCC 1084) "Seated at the entirely hand of the Begin" and forceful out the Sanctified Apparition on his Human resources which is the Cathedral, Christ now acts miserable the sacraments he instituted to tell his diplomacy. The sacraments are striking signs (words and endeavors) untaken to our worldly form. By the action of Christ and the power of the Sanctified Apparition they make give in efficaciously the diplomacy that they hint. (CCC 1085) In the liturgy of the Cathedral, it is essentially his own Paschal mystery that Christ signifies and makes give in. Trendy his secular life Jesus announced his Paschal mystery by his teaching and wished-for it by his endeavors. As soon as his Hour comes, he lives out the tale crew of history which does not pass away: Jesus dies, is buried, rises from the dead, and is seated at the entirely hand of the Begin "in the manner of for all" (Rom 6:10; Heb 7:27; 9:12; cf. Jn 13:1; 17:1). His Paschal mystery is a real crew that occurred in our history, but it is unique: all other preceding endeavors toss in the manner of, and for that reason they pass in reserve, swallowed up in the once. The Paschal mystery of Christ, by put adjacent to, cannot sit merely in the once, in the role of by his death he shattered death, and all that Christ is - all that he did and suffered for all men - participates in the divine infinity, and so transcends all period period extract finished give in in them all. The crew of the Take the helm and Revival "abides" and draws everything toward life. On aura (CCC 1086) "In this manner, closely as Christ was sent by the Begin so overly he sent the apostles, bursting with the Sanctified Apparition. This he did so that they strength urge the Gospel to every creature and announce that the Son of God by his death and rebirth had at large us from the power of Satan and from death and brought us participating in the Stately of his Begin. But he overly willed that the work of deliverance which they preached neediness be set in train miserable the outflow and sacraments, pronounce which the unbroken liturgical life revolves" (SC 6). (CCC 1087) For that reason the risen Christ, by caring the Sanctified Apparition to the apostles, entrusted to them his power of sanctifying (Cf. Jn 20:21-23): they became sacramental signs of Christ. By the power of the extremely Sanctified Apparition they entrusted this power to their successors. This "apostolic categorize" structures the whole liturgical life of the Cathedral and is itself sacramental, handed on by the routine of Sanctified Ephemeral. [IT CONTINUES]