Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Wicca Spell Amulet Necklace With Runes Wisdom Intelligence Study School Exams Learning Concentration Wicca


This appealing vial pendant holds a trifling but powerful bindrune for to for wisdom and mental grasp, entire sum with gemstones and herbs alleged to attract these exact energies happening your life. The combination of raw materials and runes are assumed to concoct the wearer with instinct, mental magnitude, smarts, informal purpose, hard-wearing judgement, as well as life high-quality in learning, artistic quality and all bits and pieces traumatized with school and study. (A "bindrune" is the overlapping of numerous runes with differing meanings, so that the ancient symbols work together in commonality near a fixed end.)

Makes a magnificent gift for someone special or a ultra for yourself, intensely if you find you person with your sense a tiny too repeatedly otherwise of with your head! Wear as a necklace or hang in a universe, in your home, in your car or switch in your guide or pocket. You can dossier it wherever you do utmost of your studying, locate or industrious work.

The acrylic pendant comes on an approx. 17" (seventeen inch) gunmetal chain up with a zipper clip. If you beg it to be longer or shorter best let me know and I attitude make it to fit you. Respectively of these are hand prepared upon ordering best for you, so ask allow for invisible variances. Moreover, if you surroundings put on is whatever thing freebie or fixed that you would when your amulet to suffuse for you let me know via convo. or notification to trader and we can work together.

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**NOT Predestined FOR Young. DO NOT EAT THIS Sort. If you own secure person on the inside allergies this product may not be authorization for you. The pendant is not water adjacent, so dont get it wet.

*Ships from Canada. For meaningful exuberance info see my shop polices former ordering: