Monday, November 4, 2013

Chakra And Tarot Correspondences

Chakra And Tarot Correspondences

Equivalence TABLE:

THE Bottom CHAKRA - The King, The Mischievous sprite, The Sphere

THE SACRAL CHAKRA - The Grand Priestess, The Empress (moreover Injury)THE Stellar PLEXUS CHAKRA - The Chariot, The Sun (moreover The Hill)THE Root CHAKRA - The Lovers, Vengeance (moreover Sturdiness and Staidness)THE Gorge CHAKRA - The Performer, The Hierophant (moreover the Joystick of Destiny)THE THIRD EYE CHAKRA - The Grand Priestess, The Hermit, The MoonTHE Instate CHAKRA - The Hanged Man, The Icon, The Butt of all the jokes (moreover Judgement)

Use the cards without delay on your foundation in a Tarot Beneficial Thoughts or inscribe a Tarot Essence.

Entry haughty about the healing correspondences for each of the cards in the 22 Keys to Beneficial.

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