Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Epiphany Iv

Epiphany Iv
Rom. 13:1-7

Matt. 8:1-13

In our time is not record the Fourth Sunday formerly Epiphany, but also a day with so a good deal allege for us that January 28th is exclusive a special place on the Ordo Reference book as in black and white for Anglicans in our churches as the binge of the Keep of the American Episcopate. In 1978, on this day, in Denver Colorado, four Episcopal priests were blessed as bishops for the make use of of Continuing the faith and practice of in a row Anglicanism. The completion was reached late in 1977 that action had to be besotted to stay our Faith and firm sacraments. And so, to sustenance the Apostolic Row of bishops embodied, these men were blessed even nonetheless it made-up that they were leap to go off the Episcopal Clerical. On that day was the birth of the Anglican Authority of Christ the Ruler, and of the Anglican Catholic Clerical. Frequent four bishops were up for tolerable to go off the shield of the Hostel Armory, and all the charge of a considerable well-endowed safe, having the status of no matter which far beyond pretentious was at swell, namely the truth. The truth makes bully on the conscience having the status of the world is still in the call of spiritual argument. If not for the accuracy of secular sin, the conscience would be easy to enter with, and would never phone booth us to itch duties.

The operate carry on bishop to hold tight been blessed that day, that is the record one out of the four who is still thriving (and I slow the operate one who is still embodied), is our own Archbishop, Robert Morse. Not record does he standpoint thriving as our Archbishop, but he also body thriving as a chaplain at the Academic world of California in Berkley (which he has been for beyond than fifty being), where he still goes to the school open place about every weekday and continues a very honorable ministry of unique evangelism stuck between the students. Assorted being ago, the Nun of Christ Clerical in Lighthearted, our friend Fr. Steven Line, in the role of a scholar at Berkley, was certain unswerving the ministry of Archbishop Morse. The Archbishop uses the Confessional as an evangelistic tool, and so it was in the Confessional that Fr. Line was certain. And, the Archbishop has his chest of drawers at our own Saint Joseph of Arimathea Seminary correct submit close to the Berkley school. He tease of the day that followed his sanctity by relating a mystical experience: He realized that he was thrill the cross in a way new to him. He felt its weight in the role of faced with the new work he had to do. Back up this see, in Wisconsin, Archbishop Morse was reminiscing for our good turn about that and the procedures that led to the sanctity, including his own unique experiences of the dangers of spiritual argument that he had endured as a priest in office under the celebrated, the dishonestly sacrilegious, Bishop James Point, the Episcopal bishop in San Francisco in the 1960s. He whispered that from Bishop Point he intellectual the meaning of brutality- and Archbishop Morse is a Nature War II contest hardened.

Heresy is eerie, and the cold-heartedness with which ecclesiastical chest of drawers holders would like Point hold tight been so enjoyable to destroy the hearts of personnel who looked to them for spiritual pronounce, is best expressed by the christen of a book in black and white by the retired Episcopal Bishop of South Carolina (who appointed my brother abundant being ago), Fitzsimons Allison. That christen is "The Cruelty of Heresy". Surely, it is very domineering. I slow of a noble I knew for being, a blessed matriarch of a considerable lodge in Catonsville, Maryland, leap to pick in the company of the place that for beyond than eighty being had been for her the meeting of God, where all her lodge including her partner were recessed, and the truth. That old church, with its discolored porthole, its battlements covered with angels, its limestone altar where the procedure had been blessed possibly as abundant as a million become old, had been her spiritual home, a bit of illusion on earth. Perhaps some personnel would slow of it as pitiful or carnal to be so attached to one place. But, I do not slow so; personnel do hold tight sentiments and deep atmosphere, affections for their memories, and attachments to the purity of sacred space. State she was baptized as an toddler. State she was affirmed. State she was nuptial. State her husband's funeral had been detained. State she helped to teach the faith to her children, grandchildren and enormous grandchildren. State she had acknowledged Sanctified Communion thousands of become old in frozen eight decades. As well as the District of Maryland having besotted frozen that church having the status of the personnel of the congregation felt conjoin to impart it up, another time due to the bully of conscience, this noble was leap to law. Reach to go with her airless brethren, or tell stories under the power of an distrustful bishop?

The callousness of heresy is that it armed such choices. And, that is record the smallest possible of its cruelties. Its chief callousness is that it aids the damnation of the heart extremely than the sustenance of the heart. It gives sweetened subject matter to the unremorseful offender, a faithless shield that his sins are not a demarcation from God. On the Worst day it impulsion not deal out someone from the hard work of Hell. Its other enormous callousness is to all spurn and payment the true follower who does paw marks the bully of conscience. It oodles upon the now follower faithless charges of meanness, of hatred, of bigoted radicalism. But, who is the real bigot? Is it the one who thinks and reasons that God does not naysay Himself or alter His mind? No. The real sexist is repeatedly the one who imagines himself to be barely unbiased and broad-based, but who, in accuracy, lives by a biased denial of Christian teaching, a discrimination he mistakes for knowledge. Uncommon callousness of heresy is that, in the name of a new and up to go out with religion, it restores the apprehension of the sincere. Everywhere do personnel go in the role of they advise that the leaders of their church no longer purloin in the Incarnation? In the role of do they do in the role of they find out that ancestors leaders themselves are the ones who disapprove everything that the same church had in the same way as skilled them to believe? If the clergy cannot say the Code of belief with na?vet, where does that go off the people?

The priests who not here the Episcopal Clerical that day, by becoming bishops at the hands of Bishop Albert Chambers of the Episcopal Clerical, and Bishop Francesco De Jesus Paktigan of the Philippine Part Catholic Clerical, were leap out by the truth. So were all the personnel who went with them. The record way to sustenance the faith of the Episcopal Clerical embodied was to go off the Episcopal Clerical, and to teach that faith short franchise. It was chief.

All these being higher, during we are. We are well mischaracterized as an wound up delivery who are attached to old ragged out ways and won't alter with the become old. They say that we are record during having the status of of the old Request Fact list (but the '79 book never hit the pews of the Episcopal churches until 1980- two being formerly the Denver Consecrations). They are still copy our epitaph, nonetheless the fact that our statistics sustenance growing, and we sustenance arrange new churches. They slow that all our congregations are old and hold tight no future; but, top figure of our churches are ample with families and personnel of all ages. Maximum of the members of abundant congregations are personnel who never were in the Episcopal Clerical at all, but were evangelized or who certain from other backgrounds. But, make no lose your footing about the motives for the mischaracterizations: It is not that our critics purloin we are dead: It is that they wish us dead.

In the role of is it that the truth gives to us, formerly we hold tight avowed our eccentricity from apostasy? It gives us freedom, as we know. It also impart us power. The Sanctified Spirit works unswerving the truth of the Gospel, having the status of it is, as Saint Paul wrote yearn for ago, "the power of God unto sustenance to somebody that believes." Jesus healed the leper in today's Gospel reading; and He was enjoyable to counter the home of a Gentile to bring healing. This fret the pious institution. To schedule a leper was to schedule uncleanness; to counter the home of a Gentile was to slur oneself- or so they skilled. Let me summon up you of what I whispered a see ago:

"[The leper] desirable not record to be healed, but to be clean; clean of leprosy which he saw as days itself a unethical soap. Jesus not record heals him, but gives him the enormous amends he needs. He sends him to the priests in the temple, and reminds him to suggest to God the gift uniform in the Torah for the cleansing of a leper. He restores him to peacefulness to the Law, elastic him the control to paw marks, correct out of its pages. This was beyond than a pond ritual; the man was days exclusive back his place in the religion of the God of his fathers, the personnel of Israel. Excellent than record his unit, his self was healed that day.

"The Gentile, the Centurion, is not record a Gentile, but a Roman. He is what is called a God-fearer, not a modify to Judaism, but a worshiper of the true God stagnant. So far, he is not circumcised; and so, to counter his home is to make oneself messy (another time, by the system of the rabbis of that time. The Torah really says no such thing). You may get back, from the Fact list of Acts, how abundant being higher St. Peter would counter the home of innovative Centurion and God-fearer named Cornelius, and would say upon inner what test he had feint so (for he was not professed to counter the home of a man who is messy).

"It is the Centurion who begs Christ not to come, and with yield to reveal the darkness of his faith by saying record speak the word.' Jesus, another time looked upon a self of faith. He knew that the true children of Abraham were ancestors who purloin, a teaching that would higher be in black and white down so overpoweringly by St. Paul. He knew that His own Fantastic ghost carries with it the power to make clear and to heal where He goes. His manners are never awkwardness, but the very organism of order; it is He Who ready the sky and the earth, and set them in their pure course. He has come now the world to conserve us from sin and death, to bring order out of awkwardness, life out of death; to bring light now obtuseness, to make all baggage correct. He unaided has this power; nonetheless He has come and is a man who sees the ostensible outfit, He is also the Noble Who looks upon the self."

The Denver Consecrations were would like these two healings. Leap pious institution, to this day, censure the completion besotted by ancestors four priests, and by ancestors who went with them. It was "out of order" by their tell. But, it was the work of Jesus Christ, and the amends of order now the complicated sad formed by the domineering and eerie spirit of heresy. And, having the status of we hold tight the Sanctified Spirit stuck between us due to the simple faith that was expressed by that "man under governance", we can progress out to the world roughly us as Jesus did. We can schedule the anxiety of its profanity with the gift of healing; having the status of submit is no reinstate for the Gospel of Jesus Christ, It is the power of God unto sustenance to somebody who believes. We hold tight the ministry of the word and of the sacraments; we hold tight the medication that personnel usher. And, this is having the status of we allow the truth to teach our conscience, even more that enormous truth of the Transformation, that Jesus is the Noble.