Saturday, October 12, 2013

Reason To Be Joyful We Could Be Living A Blessed Life Heaven On Earth

Reason To Be Joyful We Could Be Living A Blessed Life Heaven On Earth
"But why necessary we speak of the end of the world? Are we really living in the last epoch of this world? Why do we bind together the pending of Russia and the end of the world?

Even everyday writers speak of our "apocalyptic" epoch. And crucially, the problems that plague the world today - the lassitude of materials and provisions, overpopulation, the quiet monsters formed by modern technology, and very weapons proficient of destroying worldwide countries or even the whole respectable earth - all principled to the go of a hitch in worldly history more accurately unlikely at all the world has ever seen, and conceivably to the quiet end of life upon earth.

At the extremely time, earnest thinkers principled to the flourishing of non-Christian earnest movements in our epoch and perceive a "new age" in which a "new earnest consciousness" will bottle up men's minds and put an end to the 2000-year power of Christianity. Astrologers consign to the "Aquarian Time which they individual is to begin approaching the meeting 2000. And the very go of the meeting 2000 is adequately to buoy in a number of minds the table of a new occasion, by some means divergent from all the rest of worldly history.

With a number of non-Orthodox Christians these doctrine undergo the form of a teaching called "chiliasm" or "millenarianism" - the belief that Christ is hurriedly to come to earth and power lately something like with His saints for a thousand being since the end of the world. This teaching is a heresy that was condemned by the in advance Cathedral Fathers; it has its origin in a disagreement of the book of Revelations (the Apocalypse).

The Instantly Cathedral teaches that the power of Christ with His saints, in the same way as the devil is "snatch" for a thousand being [Apoc 20:3] is the interlude we are now living in, the whole interlude (1000 having the status of a distribution symbolizing wholeness) with the beforehand and jiffy comings of Christ. In this interlude the saints do power with Christ in His Cathedral, but it is a mystical power which is not to be fastidious in the come up, sponsor admiration that chiliasts donate to it.

The devil is crucially snatch in this interlude - that is, limited in the attempt of his ill will against humanity - and believers who be there the life of the Cathedral and purchase the holy Mysteries of Christ be there a blessed life, preparing them for the eternal pleasurable Kingdom.

The non-Orthodox, who do not accept holy Mysteries and accept not tasted of the true life of the Cathedral, cannot understand this mystical power of Christ and so stare for a sponsor and come up power."

The pending of Russia by Fr. Seraphim Rose 1981

"The actual thousand being of the Apocalypse is the life in the Cathedral which is "now", that is, the life of Grace; and qualities who lives it sees that, compared to the dynasty outer layer, it is assuredly paradise on earth. But this is not the end. This is our preparation for the true land-dwelling of God which has no end."

Set of laws of the Mature by Fr. Seraphim Rose 1980