Tuesday, October 22, 2013

My Genocide Prevention Ritual

My Genocide Prevention Ritual
First time I ever welled up in ritual. Thanks, BRANDONDEDICANT.

Originally I made a script to be shared with the others from my magickal group. While I still plan on doing it with them, we didn't have enough time the last time we met, and well, I really wanted to get this done during the month of April. I was running out of time.

So I went out in the night to Shiba park, to meditate and think about genocide.

I picked a few flowers for use in the ritual itself (the working involves cutting the flowers in two before shouting "NEVER AGAIN!") and sang "Come we now as a People" all the way back to my apartment.

My throat was dry from all the singing...making the Waters of Life taste even better.

Hekate Trioditis was my gatekeeper this time.

The Omen was interesting. First I got Ten of Swords. Arrgh. I was pretty sure I was running a good ritual and I've been doing daily devotionals to the Dodekatheon, so I doubt that they were disproving of me or my venture. In the past, they've used that card to point out something I'm doing wrong, like when I was about to do a ritual in a place where the Spirits didn't want me to. I figured it was because I had drawn only one card, and they had something more complex to tell me.

So I offered again and drew three cards. The first, for the issue at hand, the second, what I should not do, and the third, what I SHOULD do. I got the Two of Pentacles, the Eight of Pentacles, and finally the Hierophant. Ending on a Trump, we must be getting somewhere.

What most stuck out about the Hierophant was that he seemed teaching little-known, important truths to his disciples on the card. My interpretation is that what the Gods really want me to do is TELL others. Spread the word about the genocides going on in our world today. Darfur, Burma, Sri Lanka, Central African Republic, Congo, Somalia.

The working piece was an extended meditation to remember, awaken, and act. The vow to act (which involved the ripping apart of the flowers) hit me deeply. I really, really did not want to do that to the flowers. At the same time, I had to realize that by this ritual act I was honoring and shedding light on the deaths of real people, and it was not a responsibility I could shirk. Still though, I felt like one of the women wailing at the ritual death of Tammuz.

Also during the ritual, I invoked as many of the Dodekatheon as I could in their warlike aspects. I wondered if gathering all of that warlike power was a good thing. Still, by asking the Gods to "act "in these places torn apart by genocide, I feel as though I was giving those warrior aspects a very clear direction. I also invoked Asklepios and other healers to provide succor at the same time.

This ritual was very, very real to me. I feel pretty drained, but if I can add my magick to the rest of the rituals and right actions going on in the world this month, it was worth it.

May the Gods hear our plea: NEVER AGAIN!