Friday, October 11, 2013

How To Find The Right Free White Magic Spell

How To Find The Right Free White Magic Spell
By Francesca Ashcroft

Free white magic spells are all over the internet and

so it can be very confusing knowing what to choose when looking for the

right spell. Some will be simple and others more complex and so you

will have to bear in mind your level of experience - in fact this

should be your first consideration! But past that, how can you find the

right free white magic spell after sifting through them all online?

Here are 10 tips on what you should be focusing on, some useful

pointers to keep in mind during your search and how to make your chosen

spell more effective for you. Good luck!

1) Consider the purpose

of the spell - what do you need it for? This may seem somewhat obvious

but it's surprising how distracted you can become when there is so much

choice. Given the huge range of free white magic spells there are out

there you are bound to give in to temptation now and then. But if you

are looking for a spell to reinforce love, then this is where your

energies are centred right now. So stick to it.

2) Choose one

that stands out and speaks to you. This is a matter of energies again

as you will be feeling the connection on a deeply psychic and

subconscious level. So allow your extrasensory powers to guide you to

the right spell.

3) Many people don't realise that you can adapt

spells for your purposes if you don't find precisely the right free

white magic spell for you. This will be more that case if you are

looking for something very specific, but that said I am a believer in

the power of writing your own spells wherever possible anyway. The

connection you forge will be much stronger and the personal touch will

be evident in the results.

4) Don't be fooled by claims that you

can have instant success. Sadly, due to the number of free white magic

spells out there, there will be some that try to get your attention by

boasting amazing results. However, spell work is something that you

need to practise and work hard to become effective at so don't be in

too much of a hurry.

5) The fact that you are searching for free

white magic spells in the first place shows that you have a natural

understanding of one the main Wiccan rules. The three-fold law states

that whatever you do comes back to you 3 times as powerful - so use

this force for good only.

6) It is a common mistake made by many

a beginner, but don't be in too much of a rush to perform your spell

when you've found it. Preparation is such an important part of spell

casting and should not be skipped. You can do this with some simple

meditation while focusing on the desired effects of the spell, you can

take a relaxing bath with oils, candles and incense or you can perform

a ritual of your own design. Whatever works best for you. But do not

underestimate how much you need to prepare both body and spirit in

being more effectual.

7) Add visual prompts to your spell. This

is once again about energies but equally also about focus. Particularly

in the early days of spell work, it can be hard to concentrate. Yet

allowing your mind to get distracted will unfortunately break the

connection and the flow. Your carefully selected free white magic spell

will then fail. So if you are performing a love spell, for example,

take a photo or item that reminds you of love. It can be a photo of

someone in particular or a red rose. Whatever means the most to you. It

will be an excellent focal point.

8) Write a statement of intent

to 'back up' your spell. It doesn't need to be long or even to fit any

form or shape. Simply write about what you would like the desired

effect to be. Then you can read it out at any point of the spell to

achieve greater clarity.

9) Use protection. You can be a little

vulnerable when performing a spell as your consciousness is open and

your energies will be reaching out farther than normal. So visualise a

blue or white light around you in order to give yourself a feeling of

complete safety.

10) Dedicate your spell to a God or Goddess to

get the assistance of their honourable characteristics. Again using

love spells as an example you can use Aphrodite to assist you and send

you the gift of her virtuous powers. You could have a statue or a small

statement prepared, but always remember to be humble and to thank the

deity you have chosen to help your free white magic spell along the way


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