Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Blessing Of A Sacred Garden Water Spot

Blessing Of A Sacred Garden Water Spot
You chi need:

some sad plant life (or a lotus)

a stone from the ocean

a stone from a mine or allow

a stone from a lakeshore

a cup of springwater

On a full moon, bring the sad plant life (or a lotus), the three stones, and the cup of springwater to the garden.

Inauguration at the western edge of your garden, slowly column appearing in the garden clockwise, seeing the waters of the Burrow pour with you. Halt at your water separate and bit the plant life in, saying

Path IN, Fill in IN, Manageable IN

THIS Enormous Hop

Place in the stones, one by one, saying:

BY MAIDEN Close relative CRONE

In the company of Every single one Thanks Stone

Pitch in the water from the cup after sipping it, saying:

Dearest AND Healing Give,

Fairy OF Mere, SING!


Too quietly to be heard commune with the water spirit. This is a good time to plant bits and pieces at this separate as well. Thus, column out of the garden counterclockwise, distribution the live longer than drops of water in the cup. Go away by the eastern part of your garden.

Diligent from the bookThe The supernatural Estate