Sunday, October 3, 2010

May Day Or Walpurgis

May Day Or Walpurgis Cover May Day or Walpurgis: Mayflies and buttercups are gathered. If farmland is not yet turned for the planting, Walburgs are made and set up. A Walburg is a scarecrow with a spade in its hand and seems to be a representation of a land-wight. A May-pole is set up, and woven with bright ribbons. Men and women alternately take up an end of a ribbon and dance around the pole. Young women are chased by young men. If they are caught they are scourged with birch twigs, as this will make them fertile. Birch is placed everywhere as decoration, and this is a festival of the birch goddess. Her procession, described above, takes place. Dancing and revelry occurs, and games. A bonfire is lit. A May-queen and May-king are chose, an bedecked with flowers and greenery so that they are almost completely hidden by it. The Sigrblot (victory blessing) was held, asking Odin's aid in upcoming struggles.

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