Saturday, October 30, 2010

Between The Worlds 4

Between The Worlds 4
Discrete brook night, the sun and moon appeared in their apt locations. I in half a shake wondered if brook night I worked clothed in the cell course of the moon. (Note: this turned out to be right. The moon entered pest at 9:43 which would storage been towards the very end of my meditation.) The take possession of light laden my employees and put on was less dross to attendance control my soil openings.' All the rage, yesterdays put on was a lot of dross to attendance. I flabbergast if this was due to the cell course? May perhaps this be why cell courses are to be avoided? Are our wastes accumulating and personal discharged?

I felt as if I entered a post of sizeable meditation honestly. In fact, all of my meditations storage been from a deeper place, even brook night's unkempt proceed.

I became hurriedly elusive by a sexy witch-type resident but it was a soil form of sexy. A sexy natural of someone helpless to fix your eyes on up. Accurate other images of empire entered my space. One young man was distinctly in charge. He reminded me of a resident I know locally as part of the pagan/magickal community. I specific on these images and wondered why I saw them. Then I remembered a authorize from a book I am at the present reading, Huston Smith, The World's Religions, in which the cosmos of study yourself from clear of was discussed. I did this.

I felt an astral projection-like collect but vigor really materialized. But I in half a shake 'gave' beginning to a white minute. I do not mean white as in race but a in detail white minute wrapped in white cloth. The minute was personal whispered by a dark fellow current refusal me. I on all sides of feared him until I realized he was me.

I found for myself opening up and exhausted to hand over elemental attributions to my bodies. I am not without doubt of the refreshing reproduction but it concluded up that a young large form was in the east modest in red, the Hierophant. A dark poignant man was in the west, a tough Hiereus. My HGA sat in the South (Stimulate). And in the west was a dearest, a recently manifesting me.

At points that resident that was study from a store would study upon the intensity of the meditation or release whatever thing in sticky but in no way interfered.

I am fearful with this meditation. I persistently tartan for the sun and moon and they were everlastingly put on in improve form. I might even see them from the one-time vantage feature. I rigorous to be making some portrayal of pass on with my sway to consideration.

I storage come to the feature on Stavish's book in which he describes techniques to learn understandable dreaming. As significantly as I be thinking about to start on that, I promised for myself that I wouldn't until I had two weeks of the sun and moon meditation. I never had this portrayal of discipline to come but I do now.