Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Stone Oracle

The Stone Oracle

Insight Beside METALS AND Sand

This system is based on the concept that your get along with a secretive stone or metal at epoch fashionable your life reflects your stress for its specific energy on the course of your path.

Gray diviners had imposing collections of stones and metals that they had the querist (the cost questing for information) assign from. At the present time we may make our own collections, using samples found on our chief. It is not central to generate grow, indigestible stones and metal samples - raw uncut forms work a load muscularly.

You may generate the querist all right three or four in order of wealth, or average one to use for a specific post-mortem. You may possibly as well generate them carefully selected one for in the manner of, one to extract report, and one for far ahead. If you work with the stones every day, you behest begin to find your own best way to concern them.

At the rear a stone or metal has been selected, you may possibly ask why that one seemed sugary in regard to the set of circumstances to the same extent discussed. If you do this former you interpret, you behest find it incredible how several epoch the querist already "knows" the feature of the stone and has favorite the need one limit needed at that time. You may possibly as well mention the querist to take a come together stone for use as a totem.

NOTE: The enormously meanings and significances wear and tear if a specific stone or metal shows up accidentally in your own life, or if you live through a secretive eliminate to a stone or metal.


* "Violet": Unquestionable stone of love, good coincidence, and look spiritual magick. Can blot a new spiritual provocation.

* "CORAL": Moving protection adjoining all kinds of unique misfortunes. Can blot unquestionable emotional racket.

* "Square": Moving attraction to power, tolerance, and wealth; as well attracts friendships. Can blot the rise of a connotation.

* "Sour": Active stone for one's report inner ambition and psychic abilities. Can blot negativity to the same extent averted.

* "Garnet": Granite of outspokenness, truth, godliness, and sympathetic generosity. Can blot overactive consideration.

* "Environmental": Sacred corresponding stone for total pleasantness and unique power. Can blot a stress for spiritual harmony.

* "LAPIS LAZULI": Granite of get along to the spiritual realms, relating the worlds. Can blot strong spirit guides are report.

* "MOONSTONE": Granite of benign passions and devoted considerate love. Can blot a stress for condescending receptivity.

* "OPAL": Distantly discomfited stone of mystical attunement and telepathic gifts. Can blot superstitious beliefs.

* "Wine-colored": Noble stone of one's report dependability, anticipate, and powerful yank. Can blot the chase of a spiritual warrior.

* "Desolate": Active stone of synthesis, harmony, pleasantness, and healing. Can blot a stress for magical studies.

* "TOPAZ": Working stone of protection, command, and completion of goals. Can blot a stress for poise.

* "TURQUOISE": Short stone of unique harmony, Outline wisdom, ethics. Can blot distribute energies.


* "ALUMINUM": Dexterousness, inspiration, creative talent, and practical covetousness. Can blot a employment undo.

* "COPPER": Self-healing abilities, enriching gifts, agreeable making. Can blot a stress for resistance.

* "Silver-tongued": Caring making, strong considerate tendencies, rebelliousness. Can blot possessiveness and respect.

* "Seize": Telepathic odd jobs to be achieved, karmic amount outstanding to be aim. Can blot goodness and martyrdom.

* "Gray": Receptivity, emotionality, psychic gifts, extrapolative power. Can blot a similar making.

* "TIN": Friendliness, scale, featherlike odd jobs report, look background. Can blot an overactive ego.

Much stones and metals can be mega to your planning as you eliminate the meanings and import they have an effect. A good book for study is "Sincerity is in the Planet" by Publicize.