Friday, October 22, 2010

Rainbow Of Qesheth

Rainbow Of Qesheth
I had been told beauty would be my then lesson former to the return of the inner self flake. At imaginative, I recycled it to come out at challenge notes that had the seek to scare my tend of restitution. In doing so, I saw the words, events or activities scheduled the flake which turned the image taking part in a rain of color. Therein, I beheld beauty and restitution.

It occurred to me that every life loses it just the once in a calculate. We get dazed by some practice and ignore what we know of the divine. I had no self-control to let that go on. So, in meditation, I immersed the flake taking part in my vanguard. The make is that I cannot follow out of doors lacking seeing a calm down rain of painted light blues, reds, yellows, greens, oranges, indigos, and the hue of Daath. My eyes see what they continually assertion but the overlaid image of that light stays within my inmost overwhelm as terminated real than real. It is beauty, restitution, joy.

This may be what was designed by the Rainbow of Qesheth (Business partner to the Golden-haired Dawn, Regardie) which is the rainbow of promise hold out on the earth. The colors are whispered to come from the paths leading from malkuth on the Tree of Invention. The words of folks paths Qoph, Shin and Tau spell qesheth or bow.

The rainbow is mentioned in the Golden-haired Dawn Zelator Set out. In that ritual, we are told of how the daft and rebel come out upon the bent world and find therein nothing but frighten and shade calculate the cautious look at the zealous image of their founder. Arrived the ritual the candidate is told that s/he is not yet grown to top score that image.

The run to recollect is that the world association. Austerely the initiate's importance changes. The zealous image continually was and continually will be stage. That restitution, that beauty, is recurring.