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The New Age Booklist Part 1

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FOR WE ARE ONE - The Pleiadians by Nina Jenice.
Published 1992 by Markas Publishing, P.O.Box 415, DUBLIN, Ohio 43017, U.S.A.

Nina in her previous incarnation was a Pleiadian, Lady Nina of the White Winds, and her soul Twin is Lord Adrigon, Commander of the large Pleiadian Mothership “The White Winds”. This mothership maintains an orbit around Planet Earth in readiness for our transformation and ascension. Here she visits “The White Winds” in her etheric body, and gives an excellent description of the gigantic mothership. Accompanied by her Twin, Lord Adrigon, she also visits her old Pleiadian home planet of Medina, which she fully describes, along with a visit to the neighboring Pleiadian planet of Serana.

THE PLEIADIAN MISSION- A Time of Awareness by Randolph Winters.
Published 1994 by The Pleiades Project, PO Box 1270, Rancho Mirage, CA 92270, U.S.A. ISBN 1-885757-07-7

This is a survey of the contacts made by the Swiss farmer Eduard (Billy) Meier with Pleiadian space ships, many of which he successfully photographed, and particularly his close contact with the Pleiadian, Semjase. Randolph Winters himself spent some considerable time living and working on Billy Meier’s farm in Switzerland in order to gather this material. We are given here quite a lot of interesting material on Pleiadian philosophy and thinking.

WHAT ON EARTH IS GOING ON? by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles
Published 1997 by New Age Study of Humanity's Purpose, Inc., P.O.BOX 41883, TUCSON, AZ 85717, USA. - Fax: 520-751-3835. ISBN: 0-9615287-5-3 Web Site:
E-mail address:

This book gives a very valuable insight into the developments over the last 18 years of Humanity's movement towards Ascension, as seen from the Spiritual Planes.

One of the first major events on Earth from the spiritual point of view was the very important time of the "Harmonic Convergence", August 15-17, 1987, in which a Spiritual Initiation of Illumination would mark the commencement of a quantum leap in consciousness for all of Humanity. Other important events followed. April 16, 1989, the "Crystal Lightlink" initiated a massive Planetary and Galactic activation and reprogramming of all crystalline structures existing within the Earth, the Etheric plane and within our human bodies. On May 8th, 1989, through the unified efforts of Heaven and Earth, Violet Lightening from the Heart of God was projected into the pockets of negativity throughout the entire Planet. This effectively accomplished the goal of Heaven to seal "the door where evil dwells". From June 10, 1989, to the Summer Solstice on June 21, 1989, our "Free Will" was temporarily held in abeyance. During that time, every man, woman and child evolving on Earth was drawn, during their sleep time, into the sacred Temple of Reverence for all Life that pulsates in the inner planes above Mt. Lemmon in Tucson, Arizona, to be brought before the Karmic Board. Here we were shown a panorama of all the past errors and choices we have ever made, and given the final choice either to move forward to higher planes or to start-over again on other lower worlds.


"A Sacred Journey of Acceleration for the Divinely Human of Mother Earth",
by Neva Howell.

Neva Howell is a healer as well as having yet another life as an actress on film and TV. Soon after her introduction to the Native-American path of spirituality, she began a spiritual/healing practice known as the Moon Lodge. The process involves isolation during the menstrual cycle, to pray for others and for vision. The "Moon Lodge" represents a private place of retreat for women on their cycle. She had read or heard that this ancient practice would be a transformational experience. From her very first Lodge, that statement proved to be true. Her work as a healer "swiftly entered more and more powerful levels, my creativity soared and my awareness of things spiritual expanded at an amazing rate". This book is largely based on her insights and visions gained during her monthly retreats. There are within this book many very helpful and useful insights, both spiritual and useful to us in every-day life, and show us the work of a highly–evolved spiritual person. We give some extracts from her book in our New Earth Reader.

EVOLUTION OF MAN - Spiritual - Mental - Physical. Channeled by The Spiritual Hierarchy through Nada-Yolanda. First published 1971, 2nd edition 1988, by Mark-Age Inc, P.O.Box 10, PIONEER, TN 37847, USA Phone/fax: (423) 784-3269 - E-mail: - ISBN 0-912322-06-3.

This history of the development of man on Earth, starts with original 4th dimension Elder Race of giants - The Abels and Cains - who finally became entrapped in third dimensional forms with which they were experimenting. An early incarnation of Jesus-Sananda led the Abels, who believed in teaching the human subrace to rise back into the fourth dimensional form, away from the Cains, who wished to dominate and make use of the fallen third dimensional subrace of man. A war (on the mental level) between the Cains and Abels was fought, and unfortunately the Abels lost. Later developments on Lemuria and Atlantis lead up to the last re-incarnation of Sananda as Jesus of Palestine in preparation for the coming Aquarian Age. Many pointers are given in this communication by Earth's Spiritual Hierarchy to the factors in our past which caused errors and the ways of correction needed.

ANGELS AND MAN - Channeled by The Spiritual Hierarchy through Nada-Yolanda. First published 1974 by Mark-Age Inc, P.O.Box 10, PIONEER, TN 37847, USA Phone/fax: (423) 784-3269 - E-mail: - ISBN 0-912322-03-9.

These communications are given to us from the Archangels in charge of the seven Rays or colors along which we evolve, Michael; Jophiel; Chamuel; Gabriel; Raphael; Zadkiel and Uriel. They tell us about the purposes of the Angelic Forces, their responsibilities towards our evolution and the many aspects we need to learn more of, such as the violet ray of transmutation, creation through thought and love, unification and coordinated service.
Millennium Prophecies; Earth Changes; Space Brothers and Flying Saucers; Economics and Politics for the New Age, along with all books quoted in "THE NEW EARTH' plus other recommended titles. Includes Publisher details and descriptions of text content, with links to Publishers, and in some cases to the full book text which can be read online or downloaded.

THE REVELATION OF RAMALA - channeled by the Ramala Centre, Chalice Hill House, Dod Lane, GLASTONBURY, Somerset BA6 8BZ, Britain. First published 1978 by Neville Spearman, now an imprint of The C. W. Daniel Company Ltd, 1 Church Path, SAFFRON WALDEN, Essex CB10 1JP, Britain. Tel: (01799) 521 909 E-mail:

These teachings are given by a group of Masters on the Spiritual Planes using the collective name of Ramala, channeled by a husband and wife team, David and Ann Jevons. In this first book of three, forty-two Lessons cover subjects ranging from the Cycles of Life, love, money and possessions, free choice, reincarnation, law, and religion, to the coming Aquarian Christ, all expressed in clear, everyday terms.

THE WISDOM OF RAMALA - channeled by the Ramala Centre, Glastonbury. First published 1986 by The C.W. Daniel Company Ltd, 1 Church Path, SAFFRON WALDEN, Essex CB10 1JP, Britain. Tel: (01799) 521 909 E-mail: ISBN 0-85435-185-X

This second book of the Ramala Teachings has thirty-three Lessons including the nature of suffering, education, marriage, illness, and human consciousness. Following each Lesson, questions asked by a participating group are given very clear and illuminating answers by the Master Zen Tao, David Jevons' Spiritual Guide.

THE VISION OF RAMALA - channeled by the Ramala Centre, Glastonbury. First published 1991 by The C.W. Daniel Company Ltd, 1 Church Path, SAFFRON WALDEN, Essex CB10 1JP, Britain. Tel: (01799) 521 909 E-mail: ISBN 85207-231-7

The third and last of the Ramala Trilogy with over 25 Lessons, again followed by questions, with answers by the Master Zen Tao. These three books are very readable and give an excellent grounding to the Higher Knowledge of the Spiritual Realms as well as much very practical "earthly" advice.

THE P'TAAH TAPES: An Act of Faith (Book I) and Transformation of the Species (Book II) - transmissions from The Pleiades, channeled by Jani King. For more detail and ordering information check the P'taah website via the link given below.

These are two separate books of communications from the Master P'taah of the Pleiades. The communications are in the form of answers to questions put to him through his "regular" channel, Jani King, during 28 group meetings in North Queensland. P'taah presents a philosophy which suggests that we should "live in the moment" and "embrace" or "allow" our negative emotions and fears to fully manifest rather than resisting them, thereby transmuting them. He also discusses the coming changes to humanity and Planet Earth. P'taah speaks with great kindness, good humor and a deep understanding of humanity.

THE GIFT - Transmissions From The Pleiades - P'taah, Channeled by Jani King.

The Ascended Pleiadian Master P'taah gives a series of short inspirational messages, each on its own page in this beautifully produced "open anywhere" book. P'taah's kindliness and depth of vision make this a valuable source of inspiration; each "thought" is so short, and yet each provides a source of deep wisdom worthy of quiet and rewarding meditation.

These P'taah books can be ordered from P'taah website

THE NATURE OF REALITY (1979) / SEASONS OF THE SPIRIT (1980) ISBN 0-911951-14-7 / TAPESTRY (1985) ISBN 0-919951-22-8, by Hilarion - channeled by Maurice B. Cooke. First published 1985 by Marcus Books, Box 942 Bradford, Ontario L3Z 2B4 - Phone (905) 551-1661 - Box 942 Bradford , Ontario L3Z 2B4 Phone (905) 551-1661 -

These three books dictated by Hilarion, an Ascended Master of Earth's Spiritual Hierarchy, contain much valuable knowledge from the Higher Spheres communicated in easily understood, down-to-earth terms.

RAMTHA - edited by Steven Lee Weinberg PhD, from Ramtha Dialogues, tape recordings channeled by J.Z. Knight of Yelm, Washington State. First published by 1986 by Sovereignty Inc, Box 1865, BELLEVUE, WA 98009, USA.

Ramtha is one of Earth's first Ascended Masters. He incarnated on Earth in a poor household and rose to become one of the most powerful leaders at the time of the civilization of Atlantis, 35,000 years ago. For sixty-three years he was feared as "The Ram", Earth's first great conqueror, taking over three-quarters of the known world. Following a near-mortal wound in battle and a spiritual revelation of Higher Worlds, he dedicated himself to a spiritual life finally achieving Initiation as an Ascended Master on the Higher Planes.

Ramtha teaches that Thought is the prime force behind all creation, and that Love, expressed as emotion and feeling, is the main element by which the soul records its progress and evolution. Much of his teachings show the importance of living and expressing joy in "the now moment", of not living in the past or the future.

THE ONLY PLANET OF CHOICE - Essential Briefings from Deep Space - compiled by Phyllis V. Schlemmer and Palden Jenkins. First published 1993 by Gateway Books, The Hollies, WELLOW, Bath, BA2 8QJ, Britain. ISBN 1-85860-004-9. Tel: +44 1225 835 127. Fax: +44 1225 840 012.

This book is the summary of 18 years' work by Phyllis Schlemmer, a psychic channel. During this period she facilitated communication between a distinguished group of international scientists, doctors and film-makers (including Gene Roddenberry, creator of Star Trek), and the Council of Nine, a circle of universal beings outside time and space. The Council of Nine gives much interesting information about Earth's past history, their current views on Humanity and Earth, and the full extent and potential of our free will.

NEW TEACHINGS for an Awakening Humanity - The Christ - channeled by Virginia Essene. First published 1986 by Spiritual Education Endeavors Publishing Company, 1556 Halford Avenue #288, SANTA CLARA, California 95051-2661, USA. E-Mail: - ISBN 0-937147-00-1

This text, communicated by The Silver Ray and the Gold Ray, two complementary aspects of The Christ, offers general guidance, and specific counsel for religious leaders, scientists, governments, parents and teachers. There is also an interesting description of the nature of the twelve different universes, of which we are the most recently created.

New Cells, New Bodies, NEW LIFE! - edited by Virginia Essene. First published 1991 by Spiritual Education Endeavors Publishing Company, 1556 Halford Avenue #288, SANTA CLARA, California 95051-2661, USA. E-Mail: ISBN 0-937147-06-0

This is a series of channeled contributions from The Christ Jesus, Archangel Michael, Archangel Uriel/Paracelsus, Hilarion, Pallas Athena and AEolus and The Pleiadians. The subject matter deals with the more scientific aspects of our New Age body and mind transformation.

ORIN & DABEN are two Spiritual Guides who communicate through Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer. Several books and tape courses are available; particularly stressed is the importance of "awakening the light body" in connection with the raising of Earth's vibratory rate, and the fulfilment of one's "higher service". A (free) newsletter gives much practical wisdom and detailed information on all materials available. LuminEssence Productions, Box 19117, OAKLAND, California 94619.

STEP BY STEP WE CLIMB TO FREEDOM- Vols. I & II- As given by the Arisen Masters - channeled by Pearl. First published 1977. Pearl Publishing, 403 S.West Street, YREKA, California 96097.Vol I: ISBN 0-87707-200-0. Vol II: ISBN 0-87961-124-3.

A course of advanced instruction in fifty Discourses given by members of the Spiritual Hierarchy of Ascended Masters, including Jesus-Sananda, Hilarion, Sanat Kumara, Arcturus, and Lord Maitreya.

I WILL ARISE - Book I: The Light of Clarification - Book II: Procedures Towards Transmutation & Translation - channeled by Paola Hugh. Published and copyright 1972 by the Fleur De Lys Foundation, Box 114, EASTSOUND, WA 98245, USA.

These two books of channeled communications from a group of "Elder Brothers" on the Spiritual Planes provide advanced teachings for the seeker of higher spiritual knowledge.

FULL CYCLE -The story of Twin Souls, their incarnation down to Earth from the Spiritual Realms and their later transition back up to the Spirit Worlds - by Ripley Webb

This book provides one of the best descriptions available of Twin Souls within the Spiritual Realms planning their Earth incarnation, the process of incarnating down to Earth, their subsequent pre-planned meeting and their later transition back to the Spiritual Worlds. It also provides a fascinating detail of life on the Spiritual plane, and the service given in helping those who have passed over from Earth life to adjust to their new surroundings. You can read the complete text of "Full Cycle", or freely download it, by clicking on the following Link: Full Cycle

You also may enjoy this free books:

Christopher Warnock - The Latin Picatrix Book I And Ii
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Robert Wang - The Qabalistic Tarot

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