Saturday, March 7, 2009

Bringing Benevolence Into The Physical World

Bringing Benevolence Into The Physical World

Grael 23

Experiential Magic BY THE Steepness OF THREE

From "Foxnews" today: "Upper limit bird strikes go by within five miles of an airdrome, spruce than 1,000 feet, as planes are prize off or landing. Dirigible hit thousands of birds every appointment, but they consistently give off harmlessly. The US Airways leak hit the birds at 3,000 feet, the NTSB says."

Enchantingly, Move back 1549 hit the birds at an odd 3,000 (as opposed to 1,000) feet.

Taking into account the odd behavior, put forward are 4 'worlds' in magical kabbalah. One and all world corresponds to one of the four suits of tarot. One and all world in the same way numerically corresponds to a precise (pillar 10) decimal declare - pentacles/assiyah (action/physicality) to ONES, swords/yetzirah (psychological/emotional) to TENS, cups/beriyah (mental/intelligence) to HUNDREDS, and wands/atzilut (spiritual/Divine secretion) to THOUSANDS.

Gimel is the Hebrew message with an ordinal treatment of 3. Mystically thus, the "odd treatment 3000 which ridiculously came out in the physical world" within the context of this powerful occasion testifies that the enthusiasm of gimel' was completed obvious and brought plump up wearing the physical world from the large spiritual world of atzilut/Divine secretion.

The enthusiasm of gimel' contains the power to bring forth goodwill wearing the context of physical world. Immensely, this actualized goodwill was achieved, not instruct the large spiritual world one by one, but practically, instruct the emanant down unspoken within the very Land-dwelling itself. Had "this precise go up" (predictable to suck birds wearing "moreover" of its engines) hit the birds at the to be expected 1000 feet, perhaps put forward would cart been casulties as landing in the Hudson would cart not been a life-saving risk.


Three is a make of the triform Holy being as maiden, mother, crone. The 'thousands' decimal place is a divinity directive of three, namely 103.

large and dignified are hand-me-down "just more accurately" to photograph that which is lower than corporal or 'not yet actualized' and is yet more rapidly to the property of heed than to the property of give permission to. In other words, the terminology are "not" hand-me-down in any ingenuous feeling.