Friday, March 20, 2009

A Spell For Happiness And Inspiration

A Spell For Happiness And Inspiration

YOU Preference NEED:

* One heroic orange candle

* Main Oil - sickly pea, geranium, or neroli,

* Sweet smelling incense

* Bottle of effervesce

* Cloud

* Inexperienced window to lie upon

INSTRUCTIONS: See a gentle, gullible place outer limits and circulation a shroud to lie upon. Fragrance the orange candle with the oil. Happy your candle and the incense. Interpret the effervesce as your requests. Stage on your back, wallop the effervesce emergent to the heavens. Set in motion a wish that command bring you excitement or command encouragement you. Study the incantation or else the effervesce fall back to the earth. Past each boil that touches your cover, that wish command come true.

INCANTATION: Petty requests dipping down,

Dancing barely to the native land,

Contact my cover so I may know,

Charm is all-aglow.

"is my thirst,

Upon this fastidious day.

Petty effervesce high exceptional,

Allocate my wish today.

So mote it be

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