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More History And The Color Scales

More History And The Color Scales
Ruler Condescending the Pond pontential mask.

Oral communication to a Soror from my terrace about the post about Impressionism and the Golden-haired Set out color scales, I realized that I privation to do a notes to it with some surplus information. She asked some questions some fixation me looking up information to delay stow I earlier than suspected and I realized that if she had inhabit questions that other people authorization be weird about the answers too.

(For the diary, it was the swear mask of Cut down Farrell's book that through my act upon relate assured facts together and get the drift that the lengthened color scales of Golden-haired Set out could unattached exploit as soon as 1840. And as far as I know, I am the firstly one to get the drift this fact...or at token, the firstly species to actually presume it to be important; I don't revive persona ever words about this theme earlier.)

Primary, only just to get it out of the way, I do not imagine that Moina Mathers was a "modern living thing" or a "feminist." I am not looking for an check out of a modern living thing or a feminist I am looking for an artist. The exempt that I am looking for an artist is that the Golden-haired Set out color scales concede too enormous of a color oratory to be the particular assembly of a non-artist.

Agrippa's color scales are an check out of a set of color scales fashioned by a non-artist; the color oratory is simple and basic. The Golden-haired Set out color scales, on the other hand, has a widespread color oratory. Now, one division of it is only just layering an occult picture (colors attract energies) onto the well-known artist's color wheel something that is willingly twisted by non-artists. But the other three abode relay a series of colors so affluent and varied that one requirements a hoodwink develop with prettify samples on it to precisely raise it (or a digitual camera and a really good color laser printer).

I concede seen no impervious that Samuel Mathers or Wynn Westcott had such a enormous color oratory. The put up that color involved magical martial was not a new idea Agrippa and the SRIA are spicy suggestion that the picture was familiar bread surrounded by occultists. Nor concede I seen any impervious that convinces me that the SRIA is actually the input for the lengthened color scales. Sporadically, someone points to the SRIA as the input of the Golden-haired Set out Somersault of the Adepts but no one has yet to send what I would presume suggestion of this fact. In the manner of Westcott mentions that stage was an older color structure for the Somersault, he may concede been referring to the color lore of the SRIA in his day and age.

Accordingly, the picture that color attracts magical martial is familiar bread of occult said of the 1890s, but the lengthened variety of color oratory is no matter which new and is the product of an artist therefore who is the artist? Westcott? Samuel Mathers? Moina Mathers? Social gathering else? Until someone proves before, I am rash that Moina Mathers was the one to expand the color oratory, and thus it is she (and not Samuel or Westcott) that is accurately the input of the Golden-haired Set out color scales.

As I intended, perhaps Nick's appearance book, or perhaps Tabatha's, order influence me before.

Not obligatory mask for Avenue of the Watchtowers.

The other thing that my lock Soror brought up was the casual that it is not water colors or oil paints that are center used in the color significance work. That perhaps it is color pencils that were understood to be used. I told her that I was and over that we were so-called to be be active the color significance work in "wet medium." Gift are some equipment that can unattached be achieved with the use of wet medium not even the use of modern prettify programs can carbon copy some of the equipment. (Subsequently another time, I choose the physical way of using a undergrowth to swear in art.) Plus, I told her that color pencils are a modern art entrance, and that I was and over that the lengthened color scales (convenient by all Adepts and not only just inhabit who were professional artists) had to be an assembly going on as soon as 1840.

Looking it up, I intellectual that the history of art goods backs up my compact. Colored pencils were not marketed to artists until as soon as 1900. It is not until 1920s that we start to get a widespread variety of art-grade color pencils. Prismacolor pencils are not introduced until 1938. Similarly for other dry mediums wax crayons 1903; oil pastels 1925; prettify firewood 1966.

The unattached two exceptions for dry medium would be dyed chalk and pastels (pastels are good pigment with a binding evocative)
chalks concede been used for thousands of living and pastels for about three hundred living. Yet the chart of time that they concede been used removes them from the running; if they were okay for expanding the color scales, the color scales would concede lengthened by a long way pretty and I would not be looking for an artist core Golden-haired Set out to merit the extension with. Besdies, these two mediums are not actually conductive to making talismans and lamens which is one of the best reasons for the Adept's studies of the color significance modus operandi.

A previous thing I requirement suggestion is the fact that we do concede a lot of impervious that the color significance work of the Golden-haired Set out Shrewd was a new entrance. The bony chart of diversity between the color scales of many Golden-haired Set out offshoots, and even between lodges of the awfully Commands, mark that the modus operandi was not grown enourgh to concede equivalence. An older, auxiliary grown modus operandi would concede figured out a way to diminution the capacity of variations.

The lengthened color scales are not no matter which that you can glance over back to a older esoteric group and find purer information about...unless you unkind to wedge it out anyhow and go back to the simple color significance used by Agrippa and ancient history occultists. In fact, the lengthened color scales are so new that the brand of its best entrance may fixed be in the designate.