Saturday, February 8, 2014

Bhagwati Mantra For Success

Bhagwati Mantra For Success
This is a very powerful Bhagwati Hymn which ensures the ultimate success in life.Bhagwati is the mother Divine being in the Hindu religion.The Sadhana [practice] to assail Siddhi [mastery] available this recite is as follows-A red wall of cloth has to be Abhimintrit [hop] by this recite. This is done by holding the cloth in your hand however reciting the recite 1000 grow old.

This apparatus has to be done for a blatant status of 7 days.At the end of 7 days equally you assail Siddhi, you indigence slap your embodiment with this red cloth.It is held that if you imprints this apparatus all your requests hand down be all-inclusive with the blessings of the Divine being Bhagwati.

MantraOm namo bhagwati raktam peetham namah ll


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