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An Essential Witchcraft Tradition

An Essential Witchcraft Tradition
Recurrently, at any time I control been thought the treasures that I was resolved at the rear I had been good to the priesthood of the Wicca, I control wondered about it's brazen incompleteness and paucity of lore. All that I control are the Sticker album of Unhappy and the pied limit certification, which represent everything that my elders skilled me about the fixed line of Alexandrian witchcraft that had been initiated stylish so abundant go ago. Untouchable the go I control had to add in particular a bit of additional corporeal, either carefully researched, or in utmost gear, assumed or produced at the exhaustive to all-inclusive a other required liturgical or magickal gathering. At this time of my life and affair as a witch, the well-chosen of produced or further lore far outweighs the fresh lore, which is to say that the qualities of that fresh lore was to define the ends positively than all-inclusive all of the needs. I control borrowed lore from abundant sources and assumed new ways of accomplishment stow, but all timetabled, I control wondered what a polished tradition would stand in front of close by.

For instance would a tradition of witchcraft usher if it never indispensable the invention or borrowing of lore from any other sources? I am thought an essential tradition of witchcraft, one that is polished within in its culture matrix. I would suppose that such a tradition probably doesn't come into sight, but still put forward is a cause to move for sophisticated what it would stand in front of close by. The reasons for this thought is that identifying an essential tradition of witchcraft clout aid me in determining what is mislaid in my own tradition. Such as I doubt that I would be superior to jam in all of the holes (I am not that quick-witted), at least I clout be superior to estimate the areas that witches today should blunt on to help build a tradition that is polished.

In my suspicion, a polished witchcraft tradition would usher three areas of knowledge, and these areas would be the Lore, Rituals and the Liner. I would define the Lore as the myths, songs and stories about the Gods, Goddesses, Heroes and Heroines, about the activation of the world, the mysteries of instinctive and death, light and dimness, and the secret history of the witches. It should in the same way present the laws and guiding principle of the witchcraft relatives or limit.

Rituals and liturgy would represent the hub of the tradition. These are the actual rituals, ceremonies and celebrations that witches would hire in in the same way as collected works together or practicing preoccupied. Rituals and liturgy would amenable the doors to the mysteries, d?collet the secret lore and knowledge that can't be written down. The very spirit of witchcraft itself would consist of beliefs and insights that would be there implicit, on behalf of the powerful inner truths that would control to be rediscovered by each and every witch. Seeing that witchcraft is not a religion of the book, these implicit beliefs and insights would represent the true foundation of the witchcraft tradition. One and all witch would control their own slope peerless to themselves. The rituals would home in on the way to acquiring this wisdom, possibly even reveal the techniques, but the knowledge itself would never be imprinted or revealed.

Liner are pied stow that are done to sham all of the tools and treasures required to practice the cash and liturgies. These would conduct the recipes and commands for everything from food and drink to how to set up a temple or grove for respect and practicing magic. Seeing that utmost of the tools and treasures hand-me-down are peerless, put forward should be commands for producing them.

These three areas of knowledge represent the fixed experience of how one should catch, ritualize and build up a everlasting and repeated practice based on manner itself, which would be the paramount suitably of all of the lore and practices. Identity provides the enhancement of what would be called the natural mysteries - the pen of light and dimness, Day/Night, Through the ceiling and Astrophysical Extend, the Extend of the Seasons, of instinctive and death, place and the mysteries of the deity itself.

Now that I control partitioned this knowledge stylish three areas, I would now close by to make a list of what I suffer should be embedded in each. This is by no ditch an in-exhaustive list, yet it should suffice to jump an creation of what clout included under each sphere of knowledge in a polished tradition of witchcraft.


Songs, dances, marvel techniques and methods of remind delight

Legends and stories about the Goddesses, Gods, Demi-gods and Prefigure Humans

Adventures about heros and heroines (the sagas) and the mystery of life, death and love

Legends and stories about the Seasons and the Wanderer Whole Moons

Cosmogonic Extend - Age group, Golden-haired Age, Age of Civilization and Very last Termination

Grounds of the Witches - a special and secret history

Stories of the Witch Families and Lineages

Program, laws and guiding wisdom


Transitory for ritual - opening, cleansing (making sacred space), connecting, closing, source and the throwing of lots (distress)

Rituals and liturgy of Alignment:

devotions, service,

sacrifices, oblations, sympathy,

invocations, orisens and paeans (patois to the gods)

communion, sacred feasts

oracles and divination (special godhead opinion)

deep-rooted rite (sacred sexuality)

Through the ceiling ceremonies (full moon gatherings) and lunar magic

Astrophysical ceremonies (nomadic gatherings) and astrophysical magic

Preamble and dedication (foreword, dedication, investiture as relatives bubbles)

Finances of passage:

launch rite (occurs two times - at the rear instinctive and doorway stylish development),

hand fasting (marriage),

indulgence of exceptional,

rite of discard (death)

Standby ritual moving parts (magic)

Finances and spells of the moon (eight phases of the moon for thirteen annual report full moons)

Finances and spells of the sun (four seasons and vegetative life pen)

Finances and spells of the stars (magic of the planets, constellations, decans, angels, etc.)

Finances of the criminal world, necromancy and ancestor respect (demons, ghosts, lares, penates, breathtaking)

Magnificent Sabbat (convocation of witch families)

Liner -

Total recipes for food and drink (for moon and sun gatherings),

Potions, incense, herbs, oils, series

Show aggression craft - heaps, poppets, pied constructions

Use of blood and semen

Tools, sacred ram and fetishes

Clothes, costumes, masks, guess ability

Commands for dwelling temple and grove architectures

As you can see, put forward is a lot of items in these lists. Basically some of these items were included in the lore that I expected from my elders and teachers. My pleasure is that someday, someone thrust come up with a polished and essential tradition of witchcraft. It thrust probably be the work of abundant recruits over a ache group of students of time. Until that time, I thrust jog to plunk or produce the cash and lore that I cause to move to use and add it to what I more willingly than control.

Frater Barrabbas