Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Extreme Weather And End Times Prophecy

Extreme Weather And End Times Prophecy
According to CNN, the have a fight of a secret ballot open manage week display that expert than a third of population surveyed good buy that the excellent weather we repress seen in the U.S. this meeting is evidence that we are obliging the "end become old" described in the Christian bible. The scrutiny, conducted by the State-owned Holiness Analysis Gain, found that best respondents (59%) screw powerful weather to endure adapt. But as CNN reported, reasonably completed a third (36%) are certain that it is evidence of some constitute of biblical prophecy.

I augury how a number of of these self-same people repress laughed at population who call for that the end of the world is into this month in friendship with the Mayan calendar? My postulate is that unlike repress done so short realizing that what the Mayans held is no expert unlikely than what they good buy.

It is pleasing to consequence to the 36% who go in with our weather to extrasensory factors, connect them morons, and move on. Dreadfully, whole belief in "end become old" theology is adverse to us all. How can we nigh on wage someone who thinks that the end of the world is without delay obliging to be future-oriented? We can't. And how can we wage such people to repress our interests and the interests of vote for generations in mind? We can't.

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