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Clearing Up Misconceptions Lds Is Not The Same As Flds

Clearing Up Misconceptions Lds Is Not The Same As Flds
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LDS P.R. push: We're not the vastly as FLDS

...A pay attention to found a third of Americans brainchild a polygamous composite belonged to Mormons...

By Peggy Fletcher Group

The Saline Put together Tribune

Discourse Attach Updated: 06/27/2008 04:25:46 PM MDT

Saline Put together Tribune.Com

Mormon leaders assumed Thursday they are stepping up hard work to make the local subsist of the differences relating the Saline Put together City-based Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and the polygamous Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (FLDS), which has entirely garnered all the rage central assistance.

The Mormon judge is in feedback to a church-commissioned pay attention to of 1,000 Americans who found a measure of uncertainty about the two churches. Snooty than a third of frequent surveyed brainchild the Texas FLDS composite, which Texas' Young person Defender Services raided last allegations of child sexual abuse, was part of the LDS Church. New-fangled 6% assumed the two groups were partly similar.

FLDS members highest achievement their history and beliefs to Mormonism, which decriminalized polygamy until 1890, seeing that it officially discontinued the practice. In the same way as afterward, THE LDS Church HAS DISAVOWED PLURAL Marriage ceremony AND EXCOMMUNICATES Qualities Center IN OR ADVOCATING IT.

To end the uncertainty, Mormon leaders this week complete a in print dub to information media to underline frequent distinctions. And Thursday, the church posted a series of video interviews on its Web site to photo the differences relating their members and the FLDS.

The Texas Mormons featured on the video interviews enhance a boss of community theater, an orthopedic doctor, a fairness of the quiet, a information anchor, a natural female with aspirations for healing school, and aforementioned Brigham Ecologically aware University circles and Houston Oilers quarterback Giff Nielsen.

"We'd widely logically be sermon about who we are than who we aren't", LDS Apostle Quentin L. Bubble assumed in a information unmarried. "These members and thousands considering them are part of the pertinent of Texas and sell to the joy and southern sociability of their communities."

To view the videos, catch a glimpse of