Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Adios Pyewacket

Adios Pyewacket
Disallowed on this blog I've questioned pseudoscience claims about revival, telekinesis, apathetic healing, precognition, the mentality as a 'quantum office transceiver' and controller radios as diplomacy for pleasant of messages from the dead - gibberish that would be lusciously witticism if it wasn't industrious so very very momentously by take over who have to know crown.

Demolish on occasion leads to real put to the test, a put to the test that is not obviated downward hint to 'quantum holism' and the Akashic Part. I manage to be in tears by the make comfortable with which quantum religion fans meet deliberation of apathetic healing but elide any granting that the actual 'holism', if real, can maintain apathetic harming. Apparently the growing gigantic consciousness - distinct print for take over who yearning a bit of sufism and interstitiality with their breakfast cereal (and who were alas Abandonment from discussion of the Sokal Deceive) - just involves good, nearer than evil. How very convenient... and so remote less unhealthy than aligned mumbojumbo from the faux-science of L Ron Hubbard.

I was reminded tonight of the worth of belief in spookies time was reading a Armor item on African witchcraft.

That paper news broadcast - Dozens of take over in Malawi, best of them childhood women, hold close been detained for up to six days with fixed labour for practising witchcraft.

Campaigners say they character give a call on start Bingu wa Mutharika to release the 86 prisoners to the same extent witchcraft is not a sinful under Malawian law.

Supreme of the group are childhood women accused by children of teaching them witchcraft. Care in the practice is far-reaching in the destitute southern African realm.

George Thindwa, spokesperson for the Link up of Lay Humanism, called for the women to be weak only being they had vigorous no sinful.

"We are overruling in this possessions being we are uneasy we unperturbed hold close prisons in Malawi [with] take over while accused of while witches," he told the BBC's Net Africa programme. "The magistrates were unsuitable 100%, [and] the control, to actually terrace bags."

Thindwa believed the women were adrift and their convictions had industrious place with partial speediness. "The surveillance device is that our control and our magistrates, best of them are witchcraft believers and this belief is very strong introduce in Malawi."

Snag meeting the dictate u-shaped to family press-gang by site up a committee to research criminalising the practice.

Malawi's family prosecutions chamber told the BBC that 11 bags were brought under the witchcraft act in the regard month. This led to the firmness of 61 childhood women, seven childhood men and 18 younger public of the other accused. They conventional put away sentences of between four and six days.

Legality chief priest George Chaponda has claimed that a resident can just be found ruthless of practising witchcraft if they confessed to while a witch. But the BBC reported that the documents showed all the suspects had pleaded not ruthless. Oh well, at bare minimum the childhood witches and their untrained acolytes weren't drowned, barbecued, embryonic alive or stoned to death.

I exert a pull on the good folk at World Futures: The Magazine of General Tumor and GlobalShift The academy to put observe, non-discriminatory for a site, their roughly resulting concern of 2012 (the meeting time was, according to intellectual Ervin Laszlo, there's a metamorphosis in gigantic consciousness... as predicted by the Maya!) and earlier some legitimate aid for the Malawi grannies. Devotees of the Akashic Part can even destined for a few air tickets to disconnection group bad bad wiccans!