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An Excerpt Dr Lorenzo Da Costa Notebook

An Excerpt Dr Lorenzo Da Costa Notebook
Upon reading the book titled: Atma Bodha - With an Put forward of Devotional Hymns by Swamini Sri Lalitambika Devi, Dr Lorenzo da Costa writes how he enjoyed "a desirable variety of seven sacred devotional hymns of the Hindu tradition. These unambiguous Sanskrit poems are deep-rooted in the drop Hindu be bothered in the identical way as The Lord's Incantation, The Psalms and Ave Maria are deep-rooted in the Christian be bothered.

"Atma Bodha is an ode to the God Shiva serene by Adi Shankara, a philosopher mystic of the previous century associated with the Advaita Vedanta ( Non Duality) Apply. This tradition underpins the Bhagavad Gita, which can be consided as the bible of Hinduism.

"In Atma Bodha, a collection of 68 stanzas, Adi Shankara pledges his devotion not to parents, spouse, children, career or any emerge form but particular to Atman, The Being of The Innovation, who represents Tired One and One-in-All. In a minute at some stage in this mystic realisation Liberation ( Moksha) can be found. Atma Bodha is a requiem enormously sacred to Sanyasis or renunciates within the Hindu Apply.

"Bhaja Govindam is an ode to the God Vishnu, alike endorsed to Adi Shankara. In this collection of some 30 verses, Shankara emphasises the path of be partial to (Bhakti Marg), as a scale of spiritual development leading to Moksha. This requiem is loved by devotional followers of each one Vishnu and Shiva.

"Madhurastakam is a requiem serene in be partial to to the God Krishna. It is endorsed to the philosopher, journalist and saint Sripad Vallabhacharya, who lived in the fifteenth century.

"Hanuman Chalisa refers to the very drop devotional requiem of forty verses in recommendation of Lord Hanuman. This is endorsed to Tulsidas a poet-saint and philosopher of the sixteenth century. Hanuman, the Mandrill God is among Hinduism's favourite deities. It is assumed that offering are bigger temples intense to Hanuman as a consequence any other deity in India. As Hanuman is alike associated with the planet Saturn( Shani) in Indian Astrology ( Jyotish) recounting of the Hanuman Chalisa is thought to help in hooligan send on and at the same time as in wicked hassle.

"Lingastakam is an eight verse ode to Lord Shiva. The linga is a phallic symbol communicative the divine male tenet in the manufacture and is as administrator of Shiva as his statue. Devotees who assert it vista to equivalent the blessings of Shiva.

"Bhavanyastakam is novel ode to Shiva in his form as Bhavani. Official to Adi Shankaracharya it is the foundation of the Sanyasi's vow. The Sanyasi renounces devotion to twitch, mother, brother, sister, wife,children and the relations of the world in collective to storage space castle in the exceptional unifying feasibility after everything else all important. Shiva is called the king of yogis and renunciants and represents the feasibility to which the sanyasi aspires.

"Mahishasura Mardini Stotram is a requiem intense to the Holy being Durga, who represents the Augur Feminine and is worshipped enormously in eastern India. Give to she is worshipped as the slayer of the demon Mahishasura. This is a story from the Devi Mahatmya mimic within the Markandeya Purana and symbolises the triumph of good over evil.

"These are able translations of drop devotional hymns and add a flavour of the devotional path within Hinduism. Shiva, Krishna, Hanuman, Durga and other deities are considered to be unbroken living presences. These deities take in the astral realm. In the company of devotional practices and rituals devotees vista to forge a link which mettle add them leadership and help in spiritual and commonplace relations. In Catholicism an equivalence can be found in the cult of Mary, mother of Jesus and Emperor of Angels."

These are some sayings from the processor of Dr Lorenzo Da Costa:

Nothing doesn't matter what is to be clung to as 'I and Wring. Truth of The Buddha

* To know The Way is to be bare. But to collect that The Way is bare is a great bump. Zen saying.

* Run of the mill, one is making oneself what one is. Zen saying.

* The Mind's eye is a man's best friend. It is alike his best challenger. Sanskrit saying.

* He who knows but does not practice, knows troublesomely. Tao saying

* The eight snares of existence: Hunger, anger, gluttony, misunderstanding, envy, discredit, put off and fear. The Aghori Vimalananda.

* Put state what you yield in your froth. Allot freely what you yield in your hand. And be stanch to the blows of catastrophe. Sufi teaching.

* From the knowledge of Swami Rama

These four important are essential for explanation

* Conduct a implore to Become a member and Chance on God.
* Conduct no selfish implore to acquisition important for yourself.
* Allot up all anger, gluttony and cement.
* Make use of meditation episodically.

* Be cheerful to bring to life. Be cheerful to die. Do your work and coop on. Zen saying.

* All the kicks and blows of life teach us no matter which. No release whence they come they are blessings in unclear if we but learn their lesson. The Buddha said: For the wise man offering is oblivion to be called bad. Any catastrophe in life provides a search out for his amplification, provided he knows how to utilise it. From the knowledge of Swami Rama.

* Western life is worried with accumulating, successive, dynasty, defending and be of the opinion pleasure. However this does not procedure one for old age. Eckhart Tolle

* Q) Why does control amass in the corners of Buddhist monasteries?

A) To the same degree even the hoover is not officially recognized to yield attachments!