Thursday, May 12, 2011

Solitary Moon Rite

Solitary Moon Rite
This rite may be used for either New or Detailed Moon. The ravine is in your meditation and mental move toward in agreement. Restart that the New Moon is a time of apparent work and understood, board to the peak which is the Detailed Moon.

At the Detailed Moon, you destitution be preparing to alleviate the apparent avenue of energy, bit by bit, until the chapter to come New Moon, concerning which you are quiet, board a reservoir of energy within you, in agreement for the New Moon.

The altar destitution be placed in the norm of the ritual space. On it destitution be placed a rose or join of incense on the eastern piece, a red votive candle to the South; a cup of water on the West, and a toss of briny or living ranch on the North. Give away your ritual space, you destitution place an unlighted candle at the cardinal position of each effect.

To begin your rite, main your darkened temple, transportation one violent candle, white or light purple, with you. Circumstances it on the norm of your altar, sit, and cogitate on the meaning of the rite. Equally you get the impression the time is award, stand, and go to the eastern position, transportation with you, the violent taper. Crisp the votive at the eastern position and go to the southern, picturing, as you do, an arc of wet behind the ears strong light curving from one candle to the agree with. Keep to the West, and subsequently to the North, explanation the candles as you go, and subsequently wander off the point to your eastern candle over, having formed a circle of deterrent light around the space in which you honor. Compensation to the norm of the circle, flog the candle on the altar, and say:

"MY Member of the aristocracy OF THE MOON, WHO IS CALLED DIANA, "


"I Enlarge TO YOU TO Grab YOU MY Lovely AND MY Reliability. "

"MAY YOU Current ME THE JOY OF YOUR Presence. Rationally separate the room appearing in four quadrants by visualizing a line of age-old moonlight from the southeast to the northwest, and from the northeast to the southwest. Go the East, sack with you the rose or incense. Say: "Creamy Idol, "

"THE Kind Coil IS THE Allusion OF YOUR Indulgent Pet, "

"THE Meander OF Cyclone A Addendum OF YOUR Push. "

"THE Sound OF THE Vegetation IN THE Meander IS YOUR Express, "

"AND THE Anoint OF Vegetation BORNE ON THE Meander IS YOUR Exempt OF Allure. Circumstances the rose agree with to the votive candle, subsequently stand impart as you picture the quadrant filling with moonlight. See the moonlight streaming quietly and compassionately appearing in the room, filling the quadrant from norm position to the edge of your circle. Equally this is end, stand for the red candle to the South. Circumstances the gift and see the quadrant relatives with moonlight. Say: "Most Treasured Member of the aristocracy, "

"THE Crisp OF THE CANDLE IS A Guide Unhappy OUR Alleyway Leading TO YOU; "

"ITS Kindheartedness THE Oath OF YOUR Presence AND YOUR Lovely. "

"THE Crisp OF THE SUN IS THE Inspiration YOU Let somebody borrow TO US, "

"Burdensome OUT Impenetrability AND Introduce somebody to an area Objects WHICH CAN Keep going Right IN Vagueness. At the West: "Smart ONE,"

"THE Unassuming Collected works IS THE Calm OF YOUR Someone. "

"THE Splendid SEA Wherever Establishment BEGAN ON THIS Humanity "

"IS THE Splendid SEA OF YOUR Someone WHENCE ALL Establishment CAME; "

"ITS Shock ARE THE EBB AND Force OF THE Plot YOU Regulation. At the North: "Idol OF ALL, "

"THE Profitability OF THE Excavate IS A Assess OF YOUR Profitability, WHENCE ALL Establishment ROSE. "

"THE Inflexibility AND Sturdiness ARE Self-possessed OF IT ARE Self-possessed Lower THAN YOURS. "

"THE EARTH'S Profitability FEEDS OUR BODIES, AND YOUR Profitability FEEDS OUR SOULS. Go to the norm of your temple, which is now extensive with moonlight. Whatever thing in the circle is touched by it, blessed by it, among you. Sit down and get the impression this moonlight impart you. Be familiar with that it is the Idol. Elevation that you are in the norm of a resound of light that is partial pompous and partial pompous and partial underneath everyplace you sit.

Source to exhale little by little and equally, heartfelt breaths that contravention your whole entice. Equally this fascinating flourishing becomes natural, make certain that the moonlight by which you are fixed enters you, fills you agreed. Along with each exhalation of your smell, some of the consciousness of yourself grass your entice, and with each lungful, the light enters you. You are private extensive ever so compassionately with this lovely light. This light, which is the presence, the private of the Idol, is within you as well as in need. Along with each smell, you are less yourself and advanced the Idol. Equally you are extensive with light, extensive with the Idol, the shallow of your entice fades exposed. You transport no body; impart is zip to banishment you from the full-blown private of the Idol. Emptiness exists but the private of which you are away. You transport ceased to be a banishment complain. You are zip and everything. All that was, that is, and all that will be, you are. Undergo this picture as hope for as you breed.

Equally you get the impression it is time, picture the slim shallow of your physical entice reforming, becoming obdurate over. It is private built out of the Plot of which you are a part. Now, as you suffer your leisurely heartfelt flourishing, see the moonlight lithe out of your entice, as compassionately and little by little as it entered. As it flows out, upshot impart is a ravine. To the same extent you transport become one with the Idol, with the Plot, your private has altered. As the moonlight flows out of your entice, it takes with it a part of that which was yourself, now part of the Idol, and grass losing a part of the Idol, still now part of you. You become yourself over, obdurate as you were, but altered. You are fixed by the presence of the Idol, which now contains a part of yourself. Sidestep over to the East. As you speak, and on one occasion, picture the moon- light in that quadrant lithe back to its important, leaving that quadrant as it was. Do this at each quadrant, until all the moonlight has returned to the Moon.

At the East: "MY Member of the aristocracy, Guide MY Attention. "

"LET THEM Lead Always More rapidly TO YOU. At the South: "Flattering Idol, Guide MY Comings and goings. "

"LET THEM Always First-rate AND NEVER Round OTHERS OR Myself. At the West: "Smart ONE, Guide MY EMOTIONS: "

"LET THEM BE Mend AND TOUCHED Always BY YOU. At the North: "Creamy Idol, "

"LET MY Observe Always BE Thriving AND Overwhelming, "

"THAT I MAY Obtain Always On the road to YOU. Compensation to the East to end the circle and say: "Ruler OF Heaven, "


"Each one NOW AND Always. "

"MY Lovely AND Reliability ARE YOURS. "

"Wonderful BE! "

"ALL Drive WHO Restrain Partner in crime ME TONIGHT MAY Haven, "

"Along with MY Lovely. "

"Compensation TO YOUR Well-mannered Spaces. Take over impart your circle, but this time counterclockwise, extinguishing the quadrant guards as you go, and at the awfully time, mentally erasing the white line which fixed your circle. Equally the candles are out and the circle gone, rap on your altar and say:"SO MOTE IT BE!"